Every movie leaving HBO Max in May 2022


HBO Max brought good news to subscribers on Thursday by revealing the full lineup of movies and TV shows added to its streaming slate throughout May. hacks returns for its highly anticipated second season and The Matrix Resurrections finally resumed service. There’s a lot to look forward to on HBO Max next month. Unfortunately, quite a few titles are also leaving the service.

Along with the new May schedule, HBO Max has also released the list of movies releasing from its slate during the month. movies like Cinderella Man, The 40 year old virginand Loss leave in the second half of May, but it is the last day of the month that will see the most departures.

On May 31, release movies include Speed, army of darkness, Insomnia, telephone booth, 27 Dresses, Bench heaters, It’s 40, Battle horseand much more.

Here’s the full list of movies leaving HBO Max in May:

May 14
cry wolf2005 (extended version) (HBO)
May 24
Cinderella Man2005 (extended version)
The 40 year old virgin2005 (Director’s Cut) (HBO)
May 25
Curious George2006 (HBO)
two for the money2005 (HBO)
May 27
Loss2005 (HBO)
Pride and Prejudice2005 (HBO)
May 31st
27 Dresses2008 (HBO)
the animal2001 (HBO)
A perfect murder1998 (HBO)
A very Brady sequel1996 (HBO)
Adult Beginners2014 (HBO)
army of darkness1992 (HBO)
Billy Elliot2000
bully2001 (HBO)
To change of way2002 (HBO)
clueless1995 (HBO)
Control room2004 (HBO)
Cymbeline2014 (HBO)
Dead Heat1988 (HBO)
pretty dirty things2002 (HBO)
Doctor Dolittle1998 (HBO)
Dr. Dolittle 22001 (HBO)
Enough said2013 (HBO)
Extract2009 (HBO)
Fatal attraction1987
Frontier2014 (HBO)
Gloria1999 (HBO)
Gift from heaven2004 (HBO)
how to be single2016
Insomnia2002 (HBO)
Iris2001 (HBO)
It takes two1995 (HBO)
Killer2019 (HBO)
Leonard Cohen: I’m your man2005 (HBO)
Love and a .451994 (HBO)
Mom2013 (HBO)
Spirit hunters2004 (HBO)
telephone booth2002 (HBO)
Princess Kaiulani2009 (HBO)
Impulse2001 (HBO)
Rubber2010 (HBO)
Super Capers2009 (HBO)
The Answer Man2009 (HBO)
Bench heaters2006 (HBO)
the conspirator2010 (HBO)
the forgotten2004 (HBO)
the good doctor2011 (HBO)
Scammers1990 (HBO)
Italian work2003 (HBO)
lawn mower man1992 (HBO)
The rules of attraction2002 (HBO)
The Witches of Eastwick1987
The pack of wolves2015 (HBO)
The demolition team!2008 (HBO)
It’s 402012
Troll Hunter2010 (HBO)
two lovers2008 (HBO)
The two Jacques1990
Long live2007 (HBO)
Battle horse2011
war to all2016 (HBO)
The World’s Best Dad2009 (HBO)
Bracelet cutters: a love story2006 (HBO)

Are you disappointed to see these movies leaving HBO Max next month? Let us know in the comments!


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