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Florida Horror Film director Michael Malott will be making Concord a primary filming location for his upcoming feature film. Local actors can audition for secondary roles.

Florida based horror film producer / director, Michel malott just returned from three grueling weeks in a Florida swamp filming his latest horror feature film, Bed of nails. The film starred Mark Francis (Judas & the Black Messiah, Cherry and Martin Scorsese’s upcoming film, Killers of the Flower Moon)

For his next feature film titled, House of Regards which will begin filming in early 2022, Malott has targeted Concord for a primary filming location. House of Stares is based on the story of an author of a book detailing an infamous murder that occurred a decade earlier. To promote the release of his book, he challenges a $ 10,000 young woman to spend the tenth anniversary of the murders in the house where they took place. The young woman, who is very skeptical of the existence of ghosts, thinks it will be a quick and easy way to earn $ 10,000. However, things did not turn out quite as she had planned.

The film stars Rachel Williams and additional secondary filming locations will take place in Cape Cod (Barnstable) and Martha’s Vineyard. Malott will be heading to Concord in two weeks to research potential filming locations and is specifically looking for a home in Concord to feature in the film as the film’s primary location.

The production team is looking to fill a few secondary roles; they are not gendered, in particular the secondary roles of an author and his agent, as well as a neighbor. There are a number of additional roles that must also be fulfilled. No prior acting experience is required to be considered for a role. Those interested in auditioning for supporting roles or those interested in additional roles should submit a photo and contact information including name, age and phone number to our production office via email at malottfilms @ outlook.com or badclownfilms@outlook.com.

For those who have questions or have a location they feel is appropriate for a horror movie, they can contact us by email or reach our production office directly at (239) 257-1035. Our production office will be closed from November 21 to 29 as we will be in the spotting areas in the region.

Malott, who is an award-winning music industry veteran, moved from Gloucester to Cape Coral, Florida three years ago, where he launched his film company, Bad Clown Films.

As a child he spent summers at Acton and Barnstable and has fond memories of Concord. As a fan of Revolutionary War history, he calls Concord his perfect location to settle in for the three weeks it takes to complete the main shoot on his next feature film project. As a former Massachusetts resident, he spent a great deal of time in Concord wandering the battlefields and soaking up the history and charm of Concord. “My grandfather was an expert in the history of the War of Independence and as a child he was an excellent history teacher and led me through Concord and Boston teaching me the history of the War of Independence. independence, ”Malott explains. Adding “it is totally appropriate to make this house a home for my cast and crew for three weeks while filming”.

Malott, working with the film commission, will be visiting the area at the end of the month to start researching potential locations. He’s looking for a house in Concord that will be the main filming location for the film, which will hopefully be the perfect setting for a horror movie.


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