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real footballis a soccer game developped by Gameloft which appears as an alternative option for Mobile FIFA and eFootball lovers. Since its launch, Real Football has been a popular choice for all Android football players. Featuring brilliant options and commendable control tactics, this mobile game introduces gamers to the popular Ultimate Team. Well, if you are new to the game and want to enjoy it to the fullest, then arm yourself with the best tips and tricks given in this real football beginners guide.

Gameplay overview

Explore an immersive storyline

Known to all football fans, Bayern Munich FIFA 17 athletes were shown in a capture process. Adhering to the same trends, Real Football makes it important to build a squad and escalate it frequently. It allows players to hire players, organize their formation and teach them tactics to win matches. Rated by millions of players, Real Football has one of the most beautiful walkthroughs that immerse players in the world of football.

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From creating their dream teams to playing for the ones they love, it provides them with almost everything. With more game modes and no licensed teams, it brings the same streamlined gaming experience to small screens. The game modes in this version are friendly games that include- become a Pro Mode, Quick Play, Seasons Competitions, and classic and local sanction. Based on five star ratings, this game has both club and national teams where individual members show off their defensive, offensive and midfield strengths.

Built on progressive technology

Made on advanced codes, it allows players to gain strength during the game. Additionally, with one bar maxed out, many powerful actions come to life. You can see the positions of your players thanks to a mini-map on the screen.

Well you can also pause the geven for substitutions and for the implementation of new team techniques. The basic control options present in the game are sboos, tackles, and who passed. Additionally, switching between team formations during the game is also allowed. You can change the position of players using the red dot on the screen.

Designed with hospital game modes

In local penalty mode, both teams take turns taking penalties. Well, switching back to the normal view, you might find an additional lens in the front view. In the become pro mode, only one player is tracked in the league season. This player has the freedom to be based on an existing player or start on a team as a new one.

Also, getting the shot timing right is very crucial as it can help you hit the moving marker on the bar in the green area. The Skills Lab is a new in-game inclusion that consists of five small games that help improve the player’s skills and artistry.

Real Football is a game of dexterity, patience and endurance where winning a game largely depends on the skills one inherits. Here are some of our tips in our guide to real football for beginners to help you, the beginners, start your journey.

1. Organize your tactics and training properly

In Real Football, players must create teams and group them with new players. Apart from this, customizing the tactics and adjusting the formations is very essential for the best performance of the team.

tactics and training Real Football Beginners Guide
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You can easily do this by going to the menu bar and looking for the best formations that will suit the players on your team well. Also, with the help of tactics, you can close the defense, hold higher possessions, or have a stronger offense.

2. Complete your missions to receive more ballots

Completing missions can help you unlock the game’s valuable ballots. So to raise more money, visit the lists and try to complete the missions. Besides, you can also accumulate coins by participating in social tournaments. They provide players with banknotes according to their final performance in the tournament.

3. Log in daily for daily login bonus

By logging in at least once a day, you can produce your login bonuses and collect them accordingly. Well, it is possible to improve your prizes by accessing the game daily.

4. Strengthen your team with the Lottery

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You can build the best team using the lottery system. In Real Football, the lottery works almost the same as FIFA Ultimate Team gold packs. With this option you can strengthen your team with the best players available. Well, you can easily participate in lotteries by investing real money or using gold tickets.

5. Coach your players for better performance

With the investment of limited items, you can help your coach select some of the players to improve. Moreover, you can also improve their attributes notably, via game matches and training sessions.

Coach Your Players Real Football Beginners Guide
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Although you can improve the skills of your players, it is advisable to select quality players from the start that you can use for a long time. Well, from the transfer menu in the club section, you can get the best players. Select a player based on your team’s needs.

6. Keep track of your energy points

With the help of energy points, you can easily play matches in both online and offline game modes. Therefore, it is very essential to keep an eye on the energy points regularly. They are one of the most essential items in Real Football and can be recharged when they run out. You can rejuvenate them by investing tickets to recharge points. Besides, you can also activate them by purchasing items with real money.

7. Upgrade game complexes as you progress

improve game complexes
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Although you have to invest a little to improve the buildings, it will bring great benefits to your team. The higher the status of the complexes, the greater the corresponding gifts will be. From receiving extra rewards to improving player fitness, it gives you the key to everything.

Final Thoughts

Real Football is one of the supreme android games for beginners which comes with the lowest MB.S o, to flex your facebook skills and make your gaming experience exhilarating yourself with strategies. So go ahead and try it! If you’re having trouble, feel free to fall back on this Real Football beginner’s guide for advice.

That’s all in this Real Football beginners guide. Let us know in the comments section if you find this debutants at Real Football helpful guide.

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