Halloween nail ideas from TikTok for your next spooky manipulation


The season everyone has been waiting for is almost here: *spooky szn*! Now is the time to prepare your best Halloween ideas, from finding your spookiest costumes to planning your most daring makeup looks. Although I can’t wait to count down to Halloween by watching my favorite horror movies and preparing the tastiest treats for the upcoming fall party, another way to prepare myself this year is to look for inspiration for the nails.

Decorating your nails is the perfect way to make you stand out this Halloween. You can choose a nail idea to match your costume or add some extra Halloween spirit to your everyday style. You can ask your nail technician to try out a fun design, buy press-on nails to save time, or DIY the look yourself with just a little nail polish and creativity. The possibilities are endless, but no matter what you choose, your nails are guaranteed to look surprising this Halloween with these nine fun nail ideas from TikTok to recreate!


Spiders and their webs may be scary in real life, but they make great nail designs. This spider web design will give you a fun yet bold look and is done simply by painting a mixture of straight lines with short curved lines connecting them, replicating the shape of the canvases. It can be done with black or white varnish. Are you feeling daring? You can also describe them with shine or stick on sequins to make them stand out!


This ghost design is a simple look to try! To get the look, paint a swirling oval shape for the body of the ghost. Next, use a nail tool to add three dots for the eyes and mouth with black polish. You can paint multiple ghosts on each nail or just add one for a statement nail, like TikTok user @nailartbysig did.

Glowing Jack o’Lanterns

Jack O’Laterns is one of the most beloved Halloween nail art designs, and for good reason. There are two ways to achieve this look: first you can use your nail as a base for the pumpkin by painting it bright orange, then drawing on the face. Alternatively, the second way is to paint individual pumpkins with different facial expressions – but only if you’re up for a challenge (or just leave it to your nail technician).

vampire coffins

Coffin nails are a favorite nail shape, but did you know you can also use them for the vampiric aesthetic? For this look, you must first paint your coffin-shaped nails black. (I personally think a matte black polish would be perfect for this.) Then outline the shape of the coffin with a lighter color, like silver or white. Finally, add a cross in the middle to give it that spooky coffin look. Pro Tip: Add glitter or gemstones for a little extra.

Flying bats

Bat Drawings are so easy to make! First, choose a Halloween color for the base, such as white, orange, or purple. Then you can paint several bats of different sizes or colors. There are so many ways to customize this design!

Dripping fake blood

Reminiscent of vampire aesthetics (Elena Gilbert-core, anyone?), The dripping fake blood design is a must for your nails. To get the look, paint teardrop shapes on top of your nail, replicating blood flowing with dark red varnish. If you want to add some *spice*, you can use red glitter polish In place!

glow in the dark

If you want to stand out at your next Halloween party (or just make sure your friends can find you), glow in the dark nails are the perfect accessory! To get the look, find a phosphorescent varnish you love and a quality top coat to make it last all night.

witch aesthetic

The aesthetic witch is another Halloween nail favorite. This design can be achieved by painting a signature hat and broom – or you can even add more details like the moon and stars in the background. There are so many ideas to choose from!

Jack Skellington

The Nightmare Before Christmas is both a Halloween and Christmas classic – so itit’s no surprise the main character Jack Skellington has become a popular Halloween nail idea. For this iconic character, all you need to master is his unique face by painting your entire fingernail white and outlining his face with black polish (or, if you’re not artistic, maybe leave it up to your nail artist).


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