Halloween Pumpkin Shooting Event at White Dragon Activity Center


Thrill seekers are invited to fight the gourd this Halloween and splash the orange flesh everywhere, by participating in the White Dragon Pumpkin Shooting Event.

The White Dragon activity center in Bures is currently offering a brand new Halloween activity, by organizing a unique evening of pumpkin shooting archery.

Each participant will receive a quiver of arrows and an arm guard. They will then face a pile of smiling pumpkins, lined up in the center’s indoor archery range, waiting to be shot at.

The event is beginner-friendly, with coaches able to provide training and a comprehensive safety briefing, before they have the opportunity to aim for the smiling seasonal fruits.

There will be different sizes, locations and challenges, allowing visitors to test their archery skills.

Challenges include moving targets and ending the event with spooky, extinguished shooting experiences, aiming at illuminated Jack o’ Lanterns in the dark.

Activity Centers Head Coach Mark Bloom said: “Archery is a great and inclusive sport and can offer so much more than standard shooting in circles – we want to empower people to s have fun with this shot and try something totally different.”

For tickets and more information, visit bit.ly/3DrJ1B6.


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