Haunted House Renovator is a paranormal activity that meets House Flipper


Developer Image Power SA recently announced Haunted House Renovator, a PC game that essentially turns players into a paranormal renovator.

Developer Image Power SA haunted house renovator is basically paranormal activity meets house pinball in a game that turns players into paranormal restorers. Home Renovation Sims such as house pinball now seem like a dime a dozen, especially in the mobile market for Android and iOS devices.

Empyrean’s and Frozen District’s house pinball originally launched on PC via Steam in 2018 to widespread success. In fact, the home renovation sim maintains its very positive user rating on the platform to this day. The experience challenges players to lead a one-person renovation team tasked with buying, repairing, and remodeling devastated repairmen. Notably, the success of the title spawned several post-launch content releases, including Garden DLC and Luxury DLC for warehouses and buildings. It didn’t take long for other developers to experiment with the core gameplay loop in their own titles, as evidenced by the May 2021 release of the medieval house renovation game. castle pinball. But what happens when the house flipping pattern is taken to extra-normal extremes?


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Image Power SA haunted house renovator recently joined Steam as a game users can list. Like house renovation experiments before it, this particular title will task players with restoring crumbling houses to a salable condition. It comes with a bit of paranormal activity-esque, however, in that each house to be renovated is home to evil entities such as ghosts. So, in addition to assuming the role of extraordinary repairman, those who pick up a hammer and power tools in haunted house renovator will also need to eliminate any latent ghost hunting skills. Publisher PlayWay uploaded the following trailer earlier this week:

As it concerns house pinball-as games are concerned, haunted house renovator seems to be able to stand out from the rest in many ways. The paranormal twist serves as icing on the cake, and it’s clear players will need to do more than rid renovated homes of ghostly specters. The gameplay trailer images above show that in addition to warding off ghosts, users will also need to clear demonic graffiti. Perhaps demons and other types of otherworldly beings haunted the houses of haunted house renovatoras well.

Much of the title’s release plans remain under lock and key for now. So a launch date and pricing details for haunted house renovator are not yet known. Whether or not this home improvement sim sees the light of day on consoles is another mystery. Hopefully Image Power and PlayWay can offer more information in the not so distant future.

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haunted house renovator is coming to PC via Steam on an unspecified date.

Source: Steam, PlayWay/YouTube

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