Have fun with your family this Christmas for just under $ 50


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The holiday season is traditionally a time to reflect on the wonderful things in life, cherish annual traditions, and reconnect with friends and family. When it comes to Christmas events, 2021 marks the end of a very dark tunnel. Whether you are reconciling with vaccinated family members and friends or cautiously escaping your COVID-19 quarantine psychological state, you will definitely want to enjoy all the fun Christmas 2021 activities. With Christmas decorations to hang. , holiday foods to try, and Christmas cards to send, there are plenty of holiday-themed activities to keep us all occupied.

Christmas is when you really want to make sure everyone in the family appreciates and appreciates this special occasion, but planning an itinerary is easier said than done. After all, juggling busy schedules, a tight budget, and family needs isn’t a chore. But we want to help. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top picks for Christmas activities under $ 50. So let’s get started:

  1. Make a personalized gingerbread house:

Struggling to find what you can do for Christmas this year from home? Nothing beats a craft that you can eat once you’ve completed it! During the holidays, several markets will sell homemade gingerbread kits at very reasonable prices. These kits usually provide the minimum necessities for building four walls and a roof. Make it more personalized and festive by heading to the supermarket candy aisle and choosing a few unique candies to go with your child’s gingerbread house design.

  1. Make a snowman or a sandman:

If there is a lot of snow this can be a great activity to do with the kids. Provide them with carrots, charcoal, branches, and outerwear like hats, scarves, and gloves, and see what their imaginative brains come up with. Bring the shovels and buckets to the beach, and build a sandman if you live near a beach. Goggles, sunscreen, water buoys and a Santa hat go well with a sandman.

  1. Go for a walk under the Christmas lights:

Brew hot chocolate, pour a mug for each member of the family, then drive in search of the biggest Christmas light shows for an unforgettable bonding moment. You may know a few neighborhoods that go the extra mile every winter. Some towns and villages even have a professionally designed light show or experience for which entry is payable. If you’re lucky you’ll stumble upon a lighted display synced with music, making this one of the most spectacular Christmas activities for families.

  1. Complete a Christmas themed puzzle:

On December 1, start a winter or party themed puzzle and complete it before Christmas Eve. A puzzle of 500 or 1000 pieces should be perfect. Of course, if you’re looking for something to do on Christmas Eve but don’t want to go out, a puzzle pairs well with a hot drink and some holiday music. Consider sharing an updated photo on social media sites with your performance each week. When you are done, you can gift the puzzle again to a friend or neighbor for them to complete! It is a gift that continues to offer!

  1. Organize a vaccinated holiday game night.

Gather your vaccinated friends and let your competition juice flow! If you want, you can incorporate an ugly sweater contest or have a fun escape activity using creative escape designs. You can also get into a festive atmosphere by playing board games like sequencing, monopoly, chess or scrabble while listening to light music. Remember to describe the rules of the game or what an escape room is to your guests so that they can play appropriately and have a fantastic evening.

Final thoughts:

This year, planning holiday festivities and activities can take a little more creativity. However, doing things differently doesn’t mean leaving behind the joys, customs or family memories of the Christmas season. In fact, let the travel and event restrictions in 2021 inspire you to be more creative. Plan the activities mentioned above or stroll through different markets looking for affordable games such as Christmas on a low budget with the Lock Paper Scissors Kit and have a memorable and fun holiday.


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