How to Add Friends in Shooting Game 2022


It’s always more fun to play Valorant with friends and makes for a more enjoyable experience overall. Apart from that, playing with friends also gives a huge advantage in a competitive environment as communication is more stable within known circles.

However, the concept of adding friends is still a bit confusing for beginners and many find it difficult to do. In order to help them, this article will give complete guide on how to add friends in shooting game.

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Even though the idea of ​​adding friends to the game seems quite complex like the game itself, the idea is absolutely wrong. The process is quite easy to follow and players can easily add their mutuals in an instant to play together.

Steps to add friends to Valorant in 2022

Adding friends in Valorant is one of the easiest tasks anyone can do in the shooter. To do this, players need to know the Riot IDs and slogan of other players to add them to the game.

This information is necessary because Riot ID acts as an identifier for any Riot-based IP address and helps the system add the right person.

A Riot ID is an all-in-one profile for Valorant or League of Legends that can be used to access any content created by Riot. To find out their Riot ID, players can go to the Riot Client home page or start Valorant to check it in the right bar. Once the Riot ID is acquired, they can follow the steps mentioned below to add their friends:

Step 1: After opening the game, players will find a plus icon at the bottom right of the home screen. Clicking this icon will prompt players to enter their friend’s Riot ID and tagline, followed by a hash.

2nd step: After completing the filling process, players need to tap on the send button right next to it to send a friend request to their friend.

Step 3: On the other end, the player who received a friend request will need to accept it from the lower right corner of the homepage.

If all these steps are followed carefully without any errors then the players will have successfully added their friends to the shooting game and can play together by inviting them to a match.

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