How to broadcast each “Matrix” film in 2021

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As the audience prepares to return to the world of The matrix, now is the perfect time to revisit the breakthrough sci-fi vision of the Wachowski, which remains hugely influential. Here’s how to stream each movie in The matrix franchise.

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The matrix

Siblings Lana and Lilly Wachowski take inspiration from comics, cyberpunk, martial arts movies, cartoons and more to create this historic action flick. Keanu Reeves plays Neo, a seemingly ordinary office worker who discovers he lives in a computer simulation and is, in fact, humanity’s chosen savior. Freedom fighters Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) show Neo the true nature of the universe and help him take down the sinister computer program known as Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) .

The matrix is broadcast on HBO Max ($ 9.99 + per month) and Hulu ($ 6.99 + per month).

The Matrix Reloaded

The second installment in the original Matrix The trilogy brings back Neo, Morpheus and Trinity, who are now free from the control of the machines and dedicated to the liberation of the rest of humanity. As deadly robots approach the fortress of the freed humans, Neo and Trinity return to the Matrix to seek the truth of its origins and functions. Meanwhile, Agent Smith becomes a thug and escapes into the real world.

The Matrix Reloaded is broadcast on HBO Max ($ 9.99 + per month) and Hulu ($ 6.99 + per month).

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Matrix revolutions

The original Matrix The trilogy ends with a final showdown between Neo and Agent Smith over the fate of The Matrix and the real world. Neo, Trinity, Morpheus and their allies fight to preserve the lives of humans and machines, trying to create a stable balance. They must fight both in the real world and in the simulation to stop Agent Smith from destroying everything.

Matrix revolutions is broadcast on HBO Max ($ 9.99 + per month) and Hulu ($ 6.99 + per month).

The facilitator

Went out between the second and the third Matrix films, this animated anthology film features short stories set in the world of The matrix. The Wachowskis recruited master filmmakers from the animation world, including many of the creators of the Japanese anime that inspired them. Neo and Trinity make brief appearances, but The facilitator is mainly focused on new characters who have to navigate the world of computer simulation.

The facilitator is broadcast on HBO Max ($ 9.99 + per month).


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