How to change activity goals on your Apple Watch


An Apple Watch is a great tool for getting active and staying active. Daily goals for exercise, movement, and standing (along with nudging) keep you standing throughout the day and may increase your heart rate.

Your Apple Watch lets you set your Move goal at the start of each week, but you can actually change any of your activity goals at any time to better match your fitness goals. You may also need to do this to make up for any injuries or rest you need.

Read on to find out how to change your activity goals and make your Apple Watch work even better for you!

Change your activity goals in watchOS 7 or later

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It’s very easy to change your movement, exercise, and standing goals on your Apple Watch when you have watchOS 7 or later. You don’t even have to jump on your watch to change each of them either – when you go to adjust one, you’re prompted to adjust all three in a row.

To adjust your activity goals, open the Activity app on your Apple Watch. Once in the app, swipe up or use the digital crown to scroll to Change goals option.

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Press on Change goals. You will be presented with your Move the objective. Press the more Where less buttons to increase or decrease your goal in 10 kilocalorie increments. When you reach the desired goal, press Following.


You will now be able to change your Objective of the exercise. For this one, the more Where less increases or decreases the number of minutes of heart rate increase you need to reach your goal. When you are satisfied with this goal, press Following again.

Last but not the least is your Purpose of the stand adjustments. Here you can add or subtract the number of hours you have to stand to achieve the goal. When you are finished editing this goal, tap Okay.

Your Apple Watch activity goals will now change regardless of your choice!

Change your activity goals in watchOS 6 or earlier

If you have an Apple Watch model that can’t update to watchOS 7, or you just don’t want to update it, you can still change your travel goal at any time, but you can’t change your travel goal. exercise or standing goals. .

There are ways to usurp your exercise goal so that you can somehow change it. It just won’t be official on your watch or in your activity history.

To reduce your exercise goal from 30 minutes to 15 minutes, for example, you can track throughout the day and hit those 15 minutes of exercise. Then you can open the Workout app, set the workout type as Other Where Mind and body, and let it run for 15 minutes.

The Workout app opens on an Apple Watch worn on your wrist.  A hand moves towards the watch to adjust something

You’ll still reach your daily goal, and your Apple Watch will save it accordingly. Adding workouts in your watch and in the Health app on your iPhone can also help you fake your pit goal if you want to do that as well. Just like raising your arm for a minute at a time.

If you want to increase your exercise and standing goals, you will need to consider them yourself. For this, you can create an Excel document or a Google sheet with the data of your activity history. And you can enjoy your Apple Watch by giving yourself extra rewards for going over the baseline most of the time!

To change your travel goal, simply open the Activity app on your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch on the wrist with the Activity app open

Once you’re in the app, tap and hold anywhere on the screen. You’ll need to press hard enough, but when you do, your screen will move, sending activity tones back.

Two buttons should appear for you now—Weekly summary and Change the travel goal. Faucet Change the travel goal and use the plus and minus buttons to set your goal. Then press Update to save your new travel goal.

Travel goal changed on an Apple Watch worn on the wrist

Change activity goals for your changing life

It’s great that as your health plans and exercise programs change, grow, or end, you can tweak your Apple Watch Move, Exercise, and Stand goals to match them. Or at least your Move goal, if you have an older Apple Watch.

We hope the guide above will help you define the activity goals that are best for you and your life.

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