How to improve instant mashed potatoes with 10 simple ideas


Instant mashed potatoes are so easy and convenient. You don’t need any special tools and there are no potatoes to peel! Best of all, they don’t have to taste like they came out of a box if you follow these methods to make instant mashed potatoes better.


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Use good butter

The easiest way to improve instant mashed potatoes is to top them with a good fat. Butter, of course, is the first choice for mashed potatoes. Just be sure to choose one of best butter brands (you can’t go wrong with a rich irish butter—here is more about the different types of butter). You can also drizzle a few squirts of extra virgin olive oil over the potatoes if you don’t want to go the butter route.


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Mix a handful of herbs

Fresh or dried herbs enhance the flavor of instant mashed potatoes. Opt for chives if you want to add a light onion flavor or try parsley for extra freshness. Dill, thyme or Herbes de Provence also work. You can even make it a home of herb butter to put on the potatoes before serving, or just sprinkle with something like chopped tarragon or rosemary, which looks great and adds a nice layer of herbs.


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