How to watch ‘Home Alone’ online for free: Stream a new and original movie


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The McAllisters accidentally left their son Kevin alone – for the first time – over 30 years ago. And then they started again.

Since its premiere in the 90s, Alone at home has become a holiday classic to revisit year after year. But the iconic franchise is as popular as ever, inspiring multiple sequels and reboots, memorable quotes and, now, even tourist destinations.

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This month, Airbnb announced that fans of the franchise can actually book the original. Alone at home house in Chicago for a one night stay for the holidays (The house has already been booked, unfortunately.)

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But Airbnb is far from the only brand to offer a little Alone at home nostalgia this year. LEGO recently released its own set of Alone at home lodge, complete with traps and a zipline. And you can take a Alone at home AAAAAAdvent Calendar (get it?) at Amazon.

Later this month, adidas will also launch its next Alone at home– themed sneakers which are inspired by the pair Macaulay Culkin wore in the original. Even the Los Angeles Philharmonic will perform John Williams’ score for Alone at home in concert this month of December.

As for movies, this year also saw a new installment in the series, with Home Sweet Home alone now streaming on Disney+. Here’s where to watch (most) the Alone at home franchisee, of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York to the new release Home Sweet Home alone.

How to watch Alone at home In line

If you want to watch Alone at home good of residence, there are several ways to stream the original Alone at home movies online as well as watch new Alone at home on Disney+. Here’s where to find the Alone at home franchise online.

look Alone at home on Disney+

Alone at home, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and home alone 3 are all streaming on Disney+ for anyone with a subscription plan. You can also watch the latest movie, Home Sweet Home alone Also on Disney+. Plans from $7.99 for a monthly subscription, and annual for $79.99.

Once registered, you can broadcast the Alone at home online series as well as everything from Marvel movies to Pixar movies, and even new releases like Peter Jackson’s eight-part Beatles documentary, To recover.

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Sign up for Disney+

You can also stream most Alone at home movies online by bundling Disney+ with Hulu and ESPN+ for $13.99 per month. the Disney package saves you 25% compared to signing up for each service separately.

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Disney+ Bundle

look Alone at home on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and more: Home Alone 4: Take Back Home can be streamed with your AppleTV or by renting it on google play.

The 2013 version Home Alone: ​​Holiday Heist, meanwhile, is available to rent on Amazon Prime Video. Currently, you can’t stream these two titles on Disney+, though they’re coming to the service on December 17.

How to stream Home Sweet Home alone on Disney+

The last restart of the Alone at home series, Home Sweet Home alone, is streaming on Disney+ right now. The Dan Mazer-directed film stars Archie Yates, Rob Delaney and Devin Ratray, who played Buzz McAllister in the original film. The only way to watch the movie right now is with a Disney+ subscription or bundle.

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How to stream Alone at home Free online

Unfortunately, there’s no free trial of Disney+, but we’ve found a ton of ways you can still watch Alone at home online for free, especially if you are a Verizon customer or an Amazon Music subscriber.

Verizon’s Disney+ On Us Deal

Companies like Verizon are offering customers with specific plans a six-month trial of the streaming service with its Disney+ about us plan. Check if your package is eligible for the promotion below.

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Amazon Music Disney+ Free Trial

Instead of signing up for Disney+ on its own, you can become a new Amazon Music Unlimited user and get a free six-month Disney+ trial that will let you stream Alone at home free online.

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Six-month free trial of Disney+

Alone at home and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York: How to watch movies without Disney+


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‘Home Alone 1 & 2’

If you find yourself without a WiFi connection or don’t want to try out a free trial of a streaming service this season, you can always watch the Alone at home movies whenever you want. The first two films with Macaulay Culkin, Alone at home and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, are available for purchase as a Blu-ray collection. If you order them now, you can even receive them before Christmas.

home alone 3 is also available to stream via Amazon Prime Video here, as is Home Alone: ​​Holiday Heist here.


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