IKEA built-in hacks – 10 inspired ideas for stylish storage


Stylish IKEA built-in hacks provide the perfect opportunity to create storage solutions at a fraction of the cost of professional bespoke options.

If you’re an avid DIYer, you can adopt an IKEA hack to create raised solutions that look ultra-luxe for less.

Whether you’re looking for a practical wardrobe with a wow factor or a designer-worthy entertainment center, these clever ideas from Insta interior influencers are sure to inspire your next project.

IKEA built-in hacks for bespoke storage that won’t break the bank

From IKEA Besta to IKEA Pax and hacker-favorite IKEA Billy bookcase, check out our roundup of super smart IKEA built-in hacks below.

1. Build a perfectly integrated closet with an IKEA Pax hack

Ikea built-in hacks with the IKEA pax wardrobe by @emmacourtneyhome

(Image credit: @emmacourtneyhome)

The talented Emma @emmacourtneyhome (opens in a new tab) made two very successful IKEA wardrobe hacks using the versatile IKEA Pax system.

“With the first IKEA Pax hack, my goal was to create a cabinet that blends seamlessly into the walls, almost hidden away like it’s not there,” Emma explains.

“I raised the Pax on a 2×4 wooden base, and put drywall on top and on the sides so the wardrobe looked like part of the wall,” she says. “Next, I added moldings to the doors and baseboards to match the rest of the room.

“I managed to match the paint color of the doors and only painted the panel molding and drywall, keeping the IKEA finish on the doors to avoid potential paint chipping.”

2. Create a modern country style wardrobe

Built-in IKEA pax wardrobe hacks @emmacourtneyhome

(Image credit: @emmacourtneyhome)

“For my second IKEA Pax hack, I wanted it to look like a country wardrobe with air holes,” Emma explains.

“The first step was to raise it on a 2×4 base. Next, I added Shaker-style detailing to the doors by having the hardware store cut strips of hardboard and using glue and nails to attach them to the door.

“I added a matching plinth to the room and wood filler pieces at the top to bring the wardrobe up to the ceiling for a built-in look.

“I used a good primer and painted the entire wardrobe, finally adding the vents and matches to complete the look.”

3. Go wall-to-wall with built-in shelving

Ikea built-in shelving hacks @thesommerhome

(Image credit: @thesommerhome)

The IKEA Billy bookcase hacks are probably one of the most widespread thanks to the versatile foundations of the system. But it’s hard to find one as stylish as this.

Kaari @thesommerhome (opens in a new tab) and her husband created this stylish look. She says, “After moving into our house, we wanted a wall of built-ins installed in our den.

“I received an offer from the cabinetmaker and it was way out of our budget. So, I started googling DIY options. I came across a few IKEA built-in hacks and decided this might be the perfect solution.

The couple added hard-wired lighting and wood trim for the walls and ceiling for the built-in aesthetic.

Kaari adds: “We caulked and painted everything except the doors, the backs of the shelves and the shelves themselves. We painted it with Benjamin Moore Simply White and prepped it with Zinsser primer before painting.

See exactly how the hack was done here (opens in a new tab).

4. Craft a chic built-in window nook

Ikea hacks built-in IKEA pax home window seat and shelves in highfield

(Image credit: @home.at.highfield)

There’s nothing more stylish or practical than a great window seat idea. And, with a smart IKEA hack, they don’t have to cost you high labor costs.

Jen, from @home.at.highfield (opens in a new tab)created the cozy nook above to create more storage space while maintaining a sleek aesthetic.

She says: “I used an IKEA Pax cabinet for the shelves with three of their shelves, and I built the storage bench next to it, both of which are on a raised platform to which I attached the baseboard.

“The whole thing costs under £170 and looks like a bespoke built-in unit.”

5. Adapt a built-in wardrobe solution to a sloped ceiling

Ikea built-in hacks Ikea pax wardrobe hack thehousewiththepinkbed

(Image credit: @thehousewiththepinkbed)

An IKEA hack is an incredibly affordable solution for an awkward space.

When Farwa of @thehousewithlitrose needed an integrated solution for her storage space, she took matters into her own hands.

She says: “When we received a quote for £4,000 for fitted wardrobes, we decided to use the IKEA Pax system to build some ourselves and create a solution for a sloping ceiling alcove in our master bedroom.

“Having no previous DIY experience and using basic tools such as a jigsaw, we cut the doors to size, ’embedded’ them using trim, added new handles and a layer of paint and three years later they are still like new!Total cost £750.’

6. Set up a stylish dining room display case

Ikea recessed hacks dining room showcase @henrikjune

(Image credit: @henrikjunehome)

The IKEA Billy bookcase hack comes into its own in the talented hands of Stephanie @henrikjunehome (opens in a new tab)who created an elegant display to store and showcase chic ceramics and tableware.

“I used two IKEA Billy bookcases and Oxberg glass doors for the upper part of our built-in dining room,” she comments.

‘I built the bottom cabinet from scratch. I also built secret storage on both sides of the Billy bookcases to store wine and paper towels. Genius.

7. Choose dark recessed lights to add drama to your bedroom

Ikea built-in IKEA pax wardrobe hacks number_twentyseven

(Image credit: @number_twentyseven)

Painting your IKEA built-in cabinets the same color as the wall will enhance the aesthetics and make the space cozier and bigger.

Ciara from @number_twentyseven (opens in a new tab) designed the designer look above.

She says, “We built a base under the cabinets, then built a frame using sticks on the sides near the mantel and MDF sheets.

“We added pine kitchen cornices to the tops and then primed everything using Zinsser Bin Primer. Finally, we painted in normal matte paint and then sealed with a wax.’

Do like Ciara and add an oversized rattan pendant for a Scandi-bohemian look.

Ikea built-in hacks Semihandmade entertainment center media unit

(Image credit: @mysimplysimple)

Take 18 IKEA Besta units and pair them with some chic new door fronts from Semihandmade and what have you got? A super sleek IKEA entertainment center hack at a fraction of the usual cost of custom built-ins.

Tyler and Kelsey Johnston from @mysimplysimple (opens in a new tab) approached the DIY project with aplomb and created a floor-to-ceiling media unit for their basement.

Kelsey says, “We spent about $3,000 on the project, when a custom solution would probably have cost between $5,000 and $10,000 or more. We were trying to get as much storage as possible at an affordable price.

Semihandmade Tahoe and Supermatte white tile doors give the unit a designer-inspired appeal. The brand says, “Finished with trim, custom open shelving and texture-rich wall panels, the recessed is a basement design feature and looks a lot more expensive than it actually is.

See exactly how it was created on Semi-handmade (opens in a new tab).

9. Showcase beautiful cabinets in the living room

Ikea hack recessed IKEA Besta hack Semihandmade

(Image credit: Semihandmade/Heidi Parrish)

Make the most of every inch of space with built-in alcove cabinetry that won’t break the bank.

Designate Heidi Parish filled the empty space either side of a large stone fireplace with IKEA Besta base cabinets finished with Semihandmade DIY stirrer (opens in a new tab) facades in a magnificent gray-green tone.

The open shelving above allows for the display of treasured vignettes, while the enclosed units allow hidden storage of unsightly essentials.

10. Install paneled built-in cabinets for a modern farmhouse look

Ikea built-in hacks IKEA pax wardrobe by Charlotte Bradbrook

(Image credit: @charlottebradbrook)

“We knew we wanted something simple that could completely fill the space,” says Charlotte of @charlottebradbrook (opens in a new tab)about his built-in IKEA hack.

‘The IKEA Pax very fortunately has its place in a small corner of our bedroom (as if it were made for space!). Buying custom fitted cabinets just wasn’t an option as it’s very expensive, in addition to the labor, which we ended up doing entirely ourselves.

She adds: “IKEA is ideal for beginner DIYers and you should definitely not be afraid to try it yourself. You can save thousands of dollars while maintaining professional looking cabinets.


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