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MultiVersus is a fully loaded platform fighter that comes with a great roster of characters. Each character has their quirks. Some of these quirks work better with some characters than others. Building a team with real synergy is a ton of fun in MultiVersus. It can be as simple as pairing a character that provides defensive buffs with a character that is a bit more fragile. But while that’s a really good idea for a team, it doesn’t really tickle us. It lacks a certain I do not know what.

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We’ve been building teams over the past two weeks, and those are the ones we’ve had the most fun with. Some of them are fairly simple (but satisfying) two-hit setups, while others create total chaos on the playing field. The one unifying factor is that they’re all fun!


5 The Launch and Scoop Ol’ – Finn and Superman

One of the things Finn is good at is picking up figures off the ground. One of the things Superman is good at is throwing his opponents off the top of the screen. You see where we’re coming from, don’t you? Of course, these two can help each other in many ways. Superman’s eye lasers are also very good at popping opponents, so he might return the favor to Finn (who’s also not bad at taking out opponents at the top of the screen). But the heart of the plan here is to get your opponents in the air so the Supes can throw them down.

Sure, any character can blast other enemies into the sky, but Finn is able to charge an upward thrust attack (while moving), which leads directly into his air kick. neutral, which is a move that can keep his enemies in the air for a long period of time, makes him very good at elevating his opponents. At that time, our man of steel can pick them up and throw them away.

If you have a dislike for Kryptonians, you can swap Superman for Harley Quinn. She’s not able to throw them off the top of the screen, but she’s very, very deadly in the air.

4 The Phalanx – Steven Universe and Tom and Jerry

One of the best parts of Steven Universe is how great it is at controlling space. His ability to place barriers anywhere means he can halt his opponents’ advance. Tom and Jerry, on the other hand, is a threat that actively uses a range of powerful projectiles. And how to beat Tom And Jerry? Well, you come up close and personal. You can probably see why these two make one great pair.

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Steven Universe builds walls and distracts your opponents with his clone, while trying to control the space above the barricades. Meanwhile, Tom and Jerry bring pain and suffering to your opponent from afar. The important piece of this puzzle is Steven Universe, of course. So you can do it with any of the mage class characters. We specifically picked Tom And Jerry because their Dynamite Stick Attack, when paired with their Dynamite Split Signature Perk, also does a great job of helping lock down the scene. It just guarantees that the opposing team will get a heavy hit.

3 Team Yo-Yo – Reindog and Batman

Alright, so what makes Reindog so great? It is his tether that allows him to pull his allies towards him. What is one of Batman’s best tools? Why, it’s his grappling hook, of course. The tool that allows him to go around the arena. So what happens when you have them both together? Absurd mobility, what! Batman will swing everywhere. It’s a spectacle to say the least. Of course, at a high enough percentage, there’s really no way to stop a ringing. But this team absolutely has excellent survivability, as anything that isn’t a guaranteed kill will almost certainly be survived.

Beyond their unique shared tether abilities, Reindog is also an excellent character for polishing projectiles, and Batman has an assortment of them at his disposal. Batman’s ability to fight at a multitude of ranges means he’s a perfect fit for this team, and Reindog will be able to help him at any distance.

You can also build a team that has a similar basic idea with Arya or Garnet instead of Batman, but their grappling abilities are on cooldown, so you don’t get the same level of elasticity.

2 The Super Chill Team – Velma and Superman

With elemental interactions playing such a key role in MultiVersus, it only makes sense that you could build around them in a pretty fun way. A good example of this setup would be a Superman and Velma pairing. Unfortunately, Superman using his icy breath on an opponent standing in Velma’s slime puddle won’t freeze them any faster; however, by combining these two promotions, you can create an extended wall of ice. Additionally, Superman can chase down a character who escaped from the puddle and finish what Velma started in no time.

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Another great aspect of this pairing is how Superman’s Breath interacts with his partner: if they cross his Ice Breath, they’ll receive Ice Gauntlets, meaning their next attack will inflict the Freeze Debuff. Now, to top it off, add the Ice To Beat You perk for extra damage, Coffeezilla to help Velma’s specials cool down faster, and Kick ’em While They’re Down to deal extra damage to enemies with a debuff, and you have a very scary team.

We didn’t just want to repeat the same general sentiments, but you can create a very similar team while focusing on fire or lightning. For a fireteam you would probably want to use Iron Giant and Superman, for a lightning team you would probably want Garnet and Reindog. The perk loadout would be very similar, but you would obviously swap Ice To Beat You with That’s Flammable, Doc for fire, or Static Electricity for lightning.

1 Iron Menace – Iron Giant and Iron Giant

So if there’s a problem with the iron giant, it’s his massive, huge, giant hitbox. This charismatic robot is the size of two standard figures. While nearly every character in the game can pair up with another character to cover their weaknesses, poor Iron Giant doesn’t have a partner who will lower their hitbox. So what should the Iron Giant do? Well, one thing they can do is embrace the chaos. Two Iron Giants are better than one!

We’re not necessarily convinced that a team of two iron giants will end up dominating the meta, but DAMN can this team be horrifying! Naturally, this is a character with a ton of armor and incredible reach. So when you have two stacked on you, they just wipe out your health bar. How are you supposed to escape their endless pressure? You cannot dodge; your dodge doesn’t go far enough. So, you may find yourself in a situation where you have two of these metallic monstrosities ricocheting between them.

Obviously, this team can also have backfires for them just as badly. Their giant hitboxes mean they’re sitting ducks for projectile-based characters, and a strong hit-and-run team could do some real damage. Not to mention that their armor is not infinite. Nonetheless, they are, to say the least, a fun team to pull off and can make for some extremely chaotic and hilarious matches.

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