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The Invisible Friends NFT project has piqued the curiosity of many NFT enthusiasts around the world. It was unclear when NFTs would be made available the longest. But for NFT collectors, the wait is finally over!

As the name suggests, these characters are invisible and only the clothes are visible, which gives a premium and aesthetic feel. According to the team, these characters are actually hidden in the metaverse, and to learn more about them; you need to dive into the digital world of Random Collective.

In this article, we will discuss Invisible Friends mint NFT price, floor price and how you can buy this hottest NFT which contains unique gold NFT.

The Brief Overview of Invisible Freinds NFT

Invisible Friends NFT Items 5,000
Owners 4,200
Invisible Friends NFT Floor Price 5.278ETH
Volume traded ETH 34,300

(The details above are valid as of March 29, 2022)

Invisible Friends NFT – The hottest NFT on the market

This is a Random Character Collective project which includes a collection of 5,000 “animated characters” produced by Swedish animator Markus Magnusson.

The team defines these NFT artworks as “It’s for people who, deep down, are still kids.” So, it’s for people who are incredibly easy-going and have a fantastic sense of aesthetics. This is one of the most anticipated projects of the RCC. With over 357,000 Twitter followers, it’s one of the most talked about projects in NFT history.

With the unveiling of their third project, Invisible Friends NFT, the price of RCC’s SlimHoods and Mood Rollers NFTs have also increased from 0.15 ETH to 2 ETH, respectively.

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When was Invisible Friends NFT created?

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According to, the Invisible Friends NFT started hitting in February 2022 and was available from the same month. Even though the artwork had not been revealed, the NFTs initially issued for 0.25 Ethereum had gone up to 15 Ethereum on the OpenSea secondary market.

Additionally, a one-of-a-kind golden NFT from the Invisible Friends collection was sold at a charity fundraiser for 496.69 Ethereum, making it the most expensive NFT in the collection.

Invisible Friends NFT Mint Price

In order to mint an Invisible Friends NFT, interested individuals had to join the whitelist for the public minting phase. The cost of minting was 0.25 ETH + gas fee.

Invisible Friends NFT Roadmap

NFT Invisible Freinds became the most popular NFT collections within a day of their launch. But how?

Invisible Freinds NFT started their journey by doing several weeks of Discord grind, which allowed them to reach a level 3 and have massive participation in their community games. The team also sold $2,000 worth of merchandise for recognition. With this simple marketing move, they caught the attention of NFT enthusiasts around the world.

After that, the community also planned to hold fifty percent of the 5,000 NFTs for holders of former RCC NFT collectors, with the remaining fifty percent going to early supporters and active members of the community.

Other members of the Invisible Friends NFT community have taken extraordinary steps to achieve their goal, such as Twitter users cematakli and 27_andre, who have created games based on the Invisible Friends comic book series.

After some time, the community decided to raise funds for charity. A beautiful golden invisible friend has been auctioned off to raise money for the cause. What was the winning bid? A staggering amount of 496.69 ETH ($1.3 million) was paid for it.

The buyer, who goes through the BOOOMR Twitter account, acquired the one-of-a-kind Gold Edition and five never-before-seen NFT Invisible Friends.

Invisible Friends NFT Rarity

Markus’s Invisible Friends is a collection of 5000 animated invisible characters. According to the Invisible Friends Twitter account, the team is not planning an official rarity. They believe the art and vibes are significantly more important than the NFT rarity of invisible friends.

However, on, Invisible Friends NFT #4672, which has a plugged-in surfboard, is ranked #1 with a rarity score of 66401.68.

Invisible Friends NFT sales, stats and all about the numbers!

Invisible Friends NFT Sales, Stats, and All About the Numbers

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Since its introduction in the secondary market, Invisible friends NFT opensea has been selling like hot dogs. On February 23, 2020, the first day of its sale on OpenSea, over 566 NFTs were sold with an average price of 10.33 ETH. Right now, the Invisible Friends NFT floor price stands at 7.27 ETH. The most surprising fact is that in less than a month after its release, the average sales volume stands at 30,176 ETH.

Invisible Freinds NFT Price Prediction

NFT Invisible Friends has taken a giant step in the whole NFT world, with its craze and high price. Although the team did not reveal a roadmap, the feeling of getting their hands on this work of art did not diminish. So when the team reveals the roadmap, we can easily make an Invisible friends NFT price prediction and say that these NFTs are worth thousands of dollars.

How to buy NFT invisible friends

How to buy NFT invisible friends

  • Make sure you have enough Ethereum in your wallet for the floor price and gas fees
  • Connect your Opensea compatible wallet to Opensea.
  • Choose the work you want to buy
  • Bid on it
  • Once selected, you will have the NFT in your wallet

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The artwork created for the Invisible Friends initiative is very stunning. In addition, the community has also been very supportive. There is now a lot of debate in favor of the Invisible Friends project, which is a very encouraging sign for its carriers. With a strong team and a community that loves the project, Invisible Friends NFT will reach new heights in the future.


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