Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy Beginners Guide and Tips


Developped by Perfect World Games, Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy is a Roaming Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game, or MMORPG for short, with stunning graphics and character design. This new game that Perfect World Games has released will offer players who play it a lot of in-game features as well as quite an unexpected twist on gameplay for a MMORPGs. In this Jade Dynasty New Fantasy beginners guide, we would like to give you some tips on how you can quickly learn and enjoy the stunning gameplay this game offers.

Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy Beginners Guide: tips and tricks

1. Design your character

Let’s start from the very beginning when you started playing this game. Since this game is an MMORPG, it is obvious that you will have to create your own character. The creation process is very simple, similar to many games, you will have to choose one from eight available sects. These sects are:

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  • Jadeon: Excels in magic damage and AoE thunder attacks
  • Incense: Excellent for critical damage and summoning fire elements
  • Vigor: Excellent for physical damage and group critical damage
  • Skysong: Excels in reviving and physical buff
  • Lupine: Has equal attack and defense stats but excels at debuff and stealth detection
  • Southern Frontier Witchcraft: Excels in support such as party healing and magic buff
  • hall of longevity: Excels in sealing technique and also in physical and magical control
  • Poisoners Guild: Excels in physical attack DPS and counter attack

While you choose your sect, you can also choose your gender. After choosing the gender of your character and the sect that suits your game, you will be directed to character customization. There isn’t much that needs to be explained in character customization, you just have to choose the physical appearance of your characters like height, hair, eyes, and other facial features.

2. Understand the basic movements

Next is the guide on how you move your character. You know this is a free-roaming MMORPG, where you will naturally control your character’s movements. To move your character you will see a small circle on the left side of your screen, this small circle will act as your analogue to freely move your character. Another control button is a jump button located at the bottom right of your screen.

basic movement
Image via Perfect World Games

There is another way for you if you are too lazy or too busy to move your character, like other MMORPG games, you can automatically move your character by tapping on the quest that is currently running in the upper right corner, your character will move by itself to the quest location.

3. Master your combat skills

As you know, Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy is an MMORPG, but there is something that you might feel is unusual for this type of game. It’s the combat system. Unlike most MMORPGs, Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy’s combat system is not fully controllable as when you walk around the area, Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy uses a turn-based combat style like most RPGs available.

Fighting Jade Dynasty New Fantasy Beginners Guide
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All you need to do to defeat your enemy in battle is simple, tap the skill button on the right side of your screen and choose which skill do you want to use, then you also need to choose which enemy (if the enemy is more than one) to attack, your character will automatically attack the enemy you need to choose.

4. Choose your spirit beast or pets

Along with the storyline, when you reach level 11, you will have to choose your companion in spirit beast form or, to put it simply, you will get your pet. At the beginning you will have to choose between three available pets, these three have the same ability as each other, so don’t worry too much when choosing your first pet, the only thing you might consider is what your pet looks like.

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Once you choose your pet, that companion will stay with you until you decide to change it. Your pet will also help you fight your enemy. As we told you, you can change your pet to travel with you, to do this the easiest way is to buy it in a pet store. You will unlock this pet shop feature when you reach level 15.

5. Master your gear

Yes, you can’t call this game an MMORPG without gear. Everyone knows that RPG and MMORPG games are very dependent on the character’s equipment. We all know what equipment does in these types of games, it will improve your character’s performance in battle, the way you can get them is also similar, you do quests and you collect the rewards, although the rewards quests may vary, most of them will give you gear for your character.

Gear1 Jade Dynasty New Fantasy Beginners Guide
Image via Perfect World Games

In Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy you have two ways to equip your character with the gear you just obtained, the first is that the gear can be immediately equipped by tapping on the newly obtained gear count at the bottom from your screen, or you can just wait five seconds for it to automatically equip.

Image via Perfect World Games

The second is the manual way, you open your backpack (the button is on the right side of the screen) and you choose the equipment you want to use and choose the use in the option.

Final Thoughts

Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy is a beautiful game. The graphics and character design are so stunning that your eyes feel comfortable watching all the cutscenes and the gameplay itself. The game is also very easy to learn, new players will learn the game very quickly, because the tutorial of the game itself is very clear, especially the players who have played MMORPG before, they will surely feel that they can master the game. game in a very short time.

That’s all for today Jade Dynasty New Fantasy Beginner’s guide. Did you find our Jade Dynasty New Fantasy Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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