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PORTAGE, Mich., May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Looking for makeup ideas? At Jest Paint, makeup artists will find tons of ideas on how to face paint! Anna Wilinsky and Santiago Massano wrote 36 posts with face painting tips and ideas, 30 blog posts on face painting tutorials and new products, and 13 blog posts with ideas on how to run a face painting business. These free ideas will help makeup artists learn to paint for a one-time party or festival, and they can help makeup artists on the journey of starting their own makeup business if they so choose!

Face painting has evolved from simple hearts and stars to an important art form of intricate eye masks, full-faced animals, and fabulous body art designs! If makeup artists want to learn how to paint, visit Jest Paint’s blog and read their free articles full of design ideas with step-by-step tips and tricks to paint like a pro.

These blog posts are full of step-by-step design ideas to learn at home, including how-to videos, GIFs, and photos showing step-by-step ideas on how to apply products and create designs cute, cool and spooky! See Face Paint Ideas – 20 Quick and Easy DIY Face Paint Ideas for Kids and Adults Now!

The ideas are endless with face painting, but learning how to execute them is invaluable! The Jest Paint team and guest artists have over 50 years of face painting experience and can turn simple ideas into beautiful face painting designs.

Makeup artists will find mermaid, unicorn, tribal, Halloween, butterfly, cat, monster, race car, fairy, princess, jelly, superhero, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, sports and even waterproof makeup ideas! They will give makeup artists ideas on how to use glitter and stencils to enhance their makeup. Makeup artists will find plenty of ideas on how to paint with split cakes / rainbow cakes using the 1 stroke method, allowing for faster and more impressive face painting designs.

Need ideas on what makeup supplies to buy? Makeup artists will find makeup charts comparing all the makeup brands they carry to help you choose the best ones for each makeup artist! If makeup artists don’t know where to start, they can learn how to build a beginner to ultimate face paint kit to be able to paint the most famous face paint design requests.

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