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Editor’s note: This article is intended to introduce the Dalius Taurus Marketplace service, Special Situation Investing.

My team and I are excited to announce the launch of Special Situation Investing, a new Seeking Alpha Marketplace service focused on event-driven investment ideas. is now a the perfect time to join Special situation investing – with the current high volatility in the stock markets, there is a abundance of lucrative event opportunities to capitalize. Our team discovers them daily. Make sure you don’t miss the next one.

The catalyst-rich world of event-driven investing

Special situation investing is one of the most attractive styles of investing – it offers clearly defined upside potential as well as multiple short-term catalysts to unlock value. Special situation opportunities are constantly popping up across different sectors providing exposure to a multitude of industries, businesses and corporate events for you to take advantage of.

Our new service – Investment in a special situation – aims to identify the most attractive and catalytic event situations on the market. We are a team of 5 investment professionals who happily spend each day researching new investment ideas for our own portfolios. We love what we do and we have enough staff to provide a guaranteed flow of new actionable ideas every week, allowing you to choose from gems already screened, backed by elaborate, high-quality research. The markets are very far from efficient and we have found that our strategy and our research give us a considerable advantage.

The service is not suitable for a specific level of investment experience. Our clients range from professional hedge fund managers to newbies. All published research reports and presentations on special situation investing are self-explanatory and you can always ask questions if you need clarification on anything.

Register now and you will receive $100 OFF the annual subscription. This is an introductory offer only – valid for 2 weeks and expiring at the end of September. Is equivalent to only $40/month (billed annually). I’m sure our investment ideas will generate much more value for you than that.

The ultimate service for investors in special situations

The goal of Special Situation Investing is simple: to create the ultimate go-to platform for an event-driven investor. Our compass is set on finding the most lucrative situations with a well-protected downside where the risk/reward is skewed in our favor and where our research gives us an edge. The service is run by a team of 5 investment enthusiasts – with a combined investment experience of over 30 years – who know how to spot an attractive, catalyst-rich investment idea and where to hit to see if the setup holds up. the shot.

The service is not limited to classic Greenblatt-type cases of mergers and acquisitions and spin-offs. The spectrum of special situation investing spans the full range of event spaces that our team unearths through rigorous and regular market screening processes:

  • Merger arbitrage where we have an advantage and the market misjudges the risks;

  • bidding wars;

  • Disposals of significant assets/subsidiaries releasing value;

  • Takeover bids where retail investors might have an advantage;

  • Militant campaigns and potentially lucrative proxy battles;

  • Partial or total liquidations of companies;

  • bankruptcies,

  • Splits and spin-offs;

  • Capital structure arbitrage situations;

  • Various other exotic configurations.

What do you get?

Special Situation Investing subscribers get full access to:

  • Choice of premium special situations (1 to 4 per month). These are our strongest investment ideas where we believe the market is misjudging the situation and we have an advantage. They always come with original and detailed research. We also invest ourselves in all these ideas.

  • Quick investment pitches (3-7 per week). These are ideas that piqued our interest but didn’t achieve the most compelling cut. Quick introductions are usually worth following for further development or may require further investigation.

  • Weekly updates. Summary of any new developments/updates on active cases, including our information on how the underlying theses have been impacted. Particularly useful for investors in a hurry.

  • Active chat and comments section. We value discussion – especially opposing viewpoints and denial of our choices.

  • Personal access to our team. You can always contact us directly if you have any questions, suggestions, ideas or comments to share. You can also share any event-driven ideas you spotted and we’ll dig deeper and share the results.

Our team

We are a team of 5 investment enthusiasts with a combined experience of over 30 years in special situations.

The team is led by me, Dalius Taurus. I have considerable professional experience in investment banking and strategy consulting, as well as several finance degrees under my belt. My entrepreneurial spirit has also allowed me to launch a number of new businesses, some of which have succeeded and some of which have failed.

The last 10 years of my life have been spent in the world of investing, with event opportunities being my bread and butter. I found love for investment writing – putting my own thoughts into black and white made me rethink the thesis multiple times and spot weaknesses in my reasoning. Writing helps me improve as an investor to this day.

I really like investing in faster-paced special situations with its many catalysts and short-term nature to make things work. I have been and still am surprised at how badly markets assess risk/reward in certain situations – markets are very far from efficient and your own research and pattern recognition can give you a huge advantage.

A good example of such a case would be TRIP/LTRPA arbitrage where I have bet the spread between two stocks to mean going back to zero already a number of times, and each time I have gotten returns of +30% to +50%. It’s there for all to see, but for some reason the spread keeps popping up again and again. The same goes for all of MLP’s takeovers over the past year – entering the position after its majority shareholder’s initial offer has always produced generous returns after the final offer was announced 20% to 40% higher. Similar cases appear daily and it is enough to recognize the pattern and spot them in a timely manner.

My goal with the launch of Special Situation Investing is to create a place where investors interested in event situations come together, discover new lucrative opportunities and discuss the merits of each case.

$100 Off Introductory Offer

For two weeks only, we’re offering $100 off to new members of Special Situation Investing.

With this introductory offer, the price of our service is only around $40/month (if billed annually). We are confident that we will provide multitudes more value to our subscribers.

Our standard rates are $75/month if billed monthly or around $49/month if billed annually – i.e. you get 33% off with the annual subscription.

We look forward to discovering exciting and lucrative investment opportunities together.

Register now – the introductory offer is valid for only two weeks and will expire at the end of September.

If you are reading this through the Seeking Alpha mobile app, to try this service right now, go to and enter Investment in a special situation in the site search to visit my Marketplace service payment page.


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