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One of the most played genres of Roleplay games these days is the Idle RPGs. Idle RPGs are easy to play and easy to master RPG games. In such games, the characters play alone and the players progress even when they are not playing the game. One game that stands out among these, is Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice. This game is an adaptation of the famous Saint Seiya manga. In this Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice beginners guide, we will look at what the game is like, what is the progression in the game like, how can new players decently progress, and more.

Gameplay overview

The story of Saint Seiya is the same as that of the manga. It revolves around the Knights of Saint Seiya. These knights are the worshipers and protectors of the goddess Athena. They are brave and will do anything to protect their goddess and her kingdom.

The story follows five mystical warriors called the Saints who fight while wearing sacred armor named Clothswhose designs derive from the various constellations that the characters have adopted as guardian symbols destined and empowered by a mystical energy called Cosmos.

Saint Seiya gameplay is like any other idle RPG. It revolves around the Saints of Goddess Athena and how they fight through various obstacles to save her and keep her faith alive. It contains many different elements. Let’s see what they are.

Master your knights

The most important part of Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice is the knights. These knights are the protectors of Athena and, as stated in the story, fight for the safety of their goddess and the universe. In this game, they are characters who continuously fight other enemies as part of the idle gameplay. There are a total of 88 different knights in this game.

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They can be collected through Invocation, where the Observatory sends a signal and the Knights respond to it. These summons are random in nature, that is, we cannot summon specific knights. We have to make do with the knights we get randomly. These knights are divided into 3-star levels: 2 stars, 3 starsand 5 stars.

Summoning the Knights

Summoning is the process by which players can summon different knights. This process takes place in the Observatory. When players summon knights using the summoning stone, the knight they get is random. Specific knights cannot be summoned by targeting them. Players need 300 diamonds to summon a knight and 2700 diamonds to summon 10 knights.

Fighting game

Combat Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice
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As in other idle RPGs, Combat in Saint Seiya is quite straightforward. Players just need to add knights to their party, and the knights will automatically take the appropriate positions. Archers and ranged fighters, as well as ranged healers, will go in the background, while tank destroyers will go in the front line. Once the party is ready, it will automatically start fighting enemies.

Master the Equipment

Outside of combat, Knights can equip different Accessories. These accessories can be obtained in battle. Once the Knight party begins their journey, they will face various enemies, and while doing so, after each major fight, the enemy will drop different accessories.

These accessories can be equipped by selecting the knight, then selecting Accessoriesthen selecting Automatically Equip. This will automatically equip the best items available to the knight. One important thing to remember is that different knights equip different items, but some items are still common, so it’s recommended to always equip the strongest knight first.

Upgrade your knights

Knights can be upgraded in Saint Seiya. Once players have obtained enough materials, they can level up all of their knights. At first, a knight can only ascend to level 10. After that, a Breakthrough is needed to further level this knight.

Breakthrough of Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice
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A breakthrough requires gold coins, knight experienceand magic stones. When these are used, a breakthrough is achieved and knights can be upgraded beyond level 10.


All knights in Saint Seiya use different elements in battle. There are six different elements that are at play in Saint Seiya: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Light and Darkness. All knights are aligned with one of these elements. As these elements are very different from each other, they naturally contradict each other. The counters for each item are as follows:

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  • Water counters Fire
  • Fire counters Wind
  • Wind counters Earth
  • Earth counters Water
  • Both Light and Dark elements are different from all other elements. They naturally deal bonus damage to each other, but when interacting with other elements they are completely inert.


Many quests are available in Saint Seiya. These quests are a major way for new players to progress through the game. They provide many useful rewards for new players and these rewards range from Gold coins and diamonds for Knight Experience and 3 star shards.

Understanding In-Game Currencies


The monetization of Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice is like other idle RPG games. As it is a free game, it involves micro-transactions. These are all different and also involve various packages. There are 4 different shops in this game:

  • Foundation Hall: The Foundation lobby is the diamond shop for this game. Diamonds are available in different packages here.
  • Funds: The Fund Shop is a shop where players can purchase Monthly cards. These monthly cards are passes that provide players with a daily supply of diamonds and other important resources. The Silver monthly pass offers to players 100 Diamonds and 2 resource hourglasses Daily. The Gold Monthly Pass offers to players 400 diamonds and 20 3-Star Knight Fragments Daily.
  • Kido shop: Kido Shop is the shop where players can buy Daily packages, Weekly packagesand Monthly plans. All of these packs provide players with diamonds and other resources.
  • Special offer: Special offer shop is a shop where different special offers are available for players. Like all other packs, these packs mainly offer diamonds, as well as other resources. All these special offer packs have a purchase limit of 1, i.e. they can only be purchased once for each account.


Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice has two main currencies, they are as follows:

  • gold coins: Gold coins are the free currency of this game. These are obtained mainly through gameplay progression and battles.
  • Diamonds: Diamonds are the premium currency of the game. These diamonds are mainly used to summon new knights. In addition to this, they are also used to purchase Star Fragments for Knights and other in-game items.

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice Beginner’s Guide to help you newbies get started on your journey.

  • Players should make sure to complete all beginner quests so that they can get all the rewards for those quests.
  • Players should be very careful when forming their groups. Different knights provide different buffs to their party.
  • Apart from adding different knights to the team, the player should also pay attention to their team formation and elements. As with most idle games, tanks should always be in the front line, while ranged fighters and healers should be in the background. This is because tanks can survive better and absorb a lot of damage, while the backline deals a lot of damage.
  • When summoning knights with diamonds, always go for simple draws. This is because single draws are cheaper and even if the summoned knight is evil, the wasted diamonds can be easily recovered through quests and the like.
  • It is very necessary to log in at least once a day in order to collect all rewards and check game progress and quest completion.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Saint Seiya isn’t that different from other idle RPGs, but the story and manga universe behind it is what makes it interesting. Definitely worth trying once. Overall, there’s a lot new players can do, and they should take their time and enjoy the game at their own pace. So go ahead and try it! If you run into any difficulties, feel free to fall back on this Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice Beginner’s Guide for advice.

That’s all from us for the beginner’s guide to Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice! Did you find our Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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