Legend Psiops isn’t the seasonal Pinnacle business I was hoping for


As Operation Elbrus wraps up last week, Season of the Risen’s final activity is now live. Legend Psiops Battlegrounds is an amped up version of the Psiops Activity that introduces tougher enemies, modifiers, and additional champions for increased challenge. Although the Legend variant offers slightly better rewards and higher difficulty, it doesn’t sound like the kind of activity I see myself doing for the next two months until Season 17 begins. of the past, Legend Psiops doesn’t offer enough of a reason to play it at all.

Legend Psiops is pretty much the Nightfall version of Psiops Battlegrounds. The three Psiops cards are available in rotation, one per week, with a fixed set of modifiers. This week, the Acolytes are dropping pools of fire on death. Legend Psiops also features gear lock, match play, protected enemies, and champion enemies. These modifiers seem to be consistent weekly, though both types of champions in each Battleground likely rotate.


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In practice, Legend Psiops is not so different from the normal version. While there are definitely more enemies protected, there aren’t really any other changes to the activity. I ran into the EDZ battleground three times today and only saw one extra barrier champion that isn’t normally there. As this is a 1550 activity you really don’t need to respect champions or the Match Game modifier provided you are reasonably above level – which most of us are now that we are five weeks into the season. You can chew through barriers with the wrong type without issue and melt barrier champions with a Gjallarhorn shot before they even have a chance to raise the barrier. I can see this posing a significant challenge if you’re under 1550, but where I’m sitting at a modest 1573 there’s almost no difference between this build and the normal.

This leads me to wonder why Bungie chose a Legendary Psiops at 1550 and not a Master Psiops at 1580. Wellspring and Weekly Story missions offer Master difficulty, and past seasonal activities like Astral Alignment had a Master version, but Psiops is only available in Legend. As the only seasonal activity, I don’t understand why it doesn’t offer a greater challenge or more variety. I’d still rather play Legend than normal now that it’s available, but again, it’s pretty much the same.

The other issue is that of incitement, which is starting to become a common theme in Destiny 2 after manufacturing. As far as I know, the only additional reward for doing Legend Psiops is increased War Table reputation. The War Table is only really useful until you’ve unlocked blueprints for all of the seasonal weapons. There are only two left to unlock, and after that, I can’t see myself ever making Psiops again. The armor you can focus Umbrals into isn’t great, and there’s no reason to grind the War Table rep once you reset it once. This is partly a problem with crafting and partly a problem with seasonal progression being so simplified this season – which happens with every expansion – but most people will be completely done with the war table and fields of Psiops battle in the next two weeks. The second half of Season of the Ressen is going to be long.

There’s also something weird going on with the Psiops weekly challenge. The normal version and the Legend version share a reward path, so opening Rune Chests in one activity progresses the other. According to the director, each level of weekly challenge progression still only rewards level 1 powerful, but opening two rune chests in Legend Psiops gave me a high. Either the director is mislabeled or there’s a bug that has him awarding pinnacles right now. Legend Psiops should reward pinnacles, but it’s not labeled as such, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

I was hoping Legend Psiops would be another avenue for Ascendant Alloy, Exotic Gear, Enhancement Materials, or even higher Deepsight drop rates, but it’s just a way to gain more Umbral Energy increased and complete your collection of Season Plans faster. It doesn’t offer a meaningful challenge or intriguing rewards, and given how simple the whole seasonal progression track is, I was really hoping Legend Psiops would at least add some variety to my endgame grind. Raid Challenges unlocked today, Grandmaster Nightfalls is only two weeks away, and there’s still Trials of Osiris on the weekends, but I’d like to see Seasonal Activities become legit Flagship Activities too.

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