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The Three Kingdoms universe is a famous among gamers. The games that were inspired by the books have been well received by audiences around the world. Now Three Kingdoms developers Creative Assembly have released a new game for mobile. The game has already been released in Korea and is very popular among Korean audiences. Now Creative Assembly has brought it to the West by partnering with Tilting Point. Unlike Total War, Legends of War is a ARPG Gameplay. This beginners guide is brought to you to help you get started and to help you understand how Three Kingdoms: Legends Of War works.

Gameplay overview

The story of Legends Of War is set in the era of the Three Kingdoms period (200-280 AD). Steam games start in 190 AD, as does Legends Of War. We are the Lord of our kingdom in the story, and it is our duty to recruit different officers and take them to war.

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Generals love Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Liu Beietc It follows the same plot as the Steam games, where the Yellow Turban Rebellion has just begun, and Zhang Jue leads the Yellow Turbans in a revolt against the new Emperor. It is our duty to help put down this rebellion and ensure that peace reigns in the Three Kingdoms.

Introducing the basics of Three Kingdoms: Legends of War

The gameplay of Legends Of War is akin to a Musou Game. It’s a hack-n-slash, intense action game. So we have a team of 3 heroes that we can lead into battle. We can choose 3 of the list of heroes we have. These heroes have unique passives, skills and skill effects.

These skills can be used in battle to clear large groups of enemies on the way to the final boss. The final boss of the mission is the one that has a shield and has more health than the other enemies.

Gameplay of Three Kingdoms: Legends Of War -
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To go to battle, we need Scrolls. These scrolls are the order of battle and are very important for us to start any main battle mission. Once we start a mission, we are transported to a map where we have to fight our way through large groups of enemies and then attack the final boss. Usually the fights are quite easy, because at the beginning the game gives us really strong characters. We get through the starting stages quickly, and then we’re strong enough with all the beginner rewards, so we can get into the later stages and win comfortably.


Along with that, we also need to build Farms, Foundries, Governance Buildings, and Raid Buildings. These buildings are needed for different purposes.

  • main castle: The main castle is the most important building in our base. It is the building from which we maintain control over our kingdom.
  • Farms and foundries: The farms are used for the cultivation of rice, itself necessary for the supply of troops and the construction of other buildings. Foundries produce iron ore. It is one of the most important building materials.
  • Market: Here we can buy various upgrade materials for our officers.
  • Alliance: We can join alliances through this building. Joining an alliance can allow us to eliminate raid bosses and other advantages.
  • Raid: The raid building is the building from which we can loot other players’ resources, and also keep our resources safe in case another player attacks us.
Three Kingdoms Buildings: Legends Of War
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We can also upgrade our officers to increase their strength. Item sets that officers can equip can also be upgraded. Rare heroes are 5 stars, while common heroes are 4 stars. We can also get various Materiel Officers to upgrade and upgrade heroes. These upgrade officers are usually officers at ranks such as Captain, Junior, etc. Basically, they’re not heroes like our main characters. These officers can be obtained by doing missions and quests daily.

Missions and events

Events abound in the Three Kingdoms. Many of them keep popping up all the time, and they bring new content with them. There are also a lot of daily missions that we can do to progress properly.

PvP mode

In Three Kingdoms, in addition to the single-player campaign, we can also indulge in fantastic PVP gameplay. There are different PVP modes we can play:

  • Mystical Creature Battle Mode: In this mode, we can join forces with other lords and their heroes, and defeat some kind of mega boss. Different items are rewarded after defeating a boss, which helps to increase the power levels of our heroes.
  • 50 V 50 Alliance Battles: As in other MMOs, Three Kingdoms has Alliance Wars where we can fight with a rival clan with 49 members of our alliance. We must build the best defense and strategically place our heroes along the line of defense to lead our alliance to victory.
  • 10 vs 10 arena battles: 10v10 battles are on a smaller scale. 20 players compete to establish their dominance as the most superior lords in the arena.
  • 3 vs 3 PVP battles: A shorter format than with the 50v50 and 10v10 battle format, 3v3 is less time-consuming but much more fun, as it’s a fast-paced but brutal brawl.
  • 1v1 duels: As its name suggests, this mode is made to decide who is the best between two players.

Understand game resources

Here is the list of current resources found in Three Kingdoms: Legends Of War that are accessible to beginners:


  • amber
  • Tattered Leather
  • Resistant strap
  • Ivory
  • Walnut wood
  • iron sand
  • Linen
  • Crystal
  • old skein
  • polishing stone
  • Silver
  • Silk
  • pearl
  • platinum plate

Most of the above items are upgradable materials, needed to increase the power levels and defenses of our heroes. These materials are divided into categories, and the most common among them are C-grade materials.


Items such as Speed ​​Boosts and Grade B and C Material Bags are stored in this section. These items can be obtained through battles and daily login rewards.

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Tokens are useful for recruiting heroes to our team. These tokens can be obtained through battles and daily login rewards.


Three Kingdoms: Legends Of War uses three currencies.

  • Orders (scrolls): Used to send our heroes into battle. Can be purchased with premium currency and can be obtained from mission rewards.
  • Gold: As with many other games, gold is the main free currency, although it can also be purchased with the premium currency. Can be obtained from missions and daily login rewards.
  • Jades: Jades are the premium currency of the Three Kingdoms. It is used to accelerate progress, is used to buy other resources and is only purchasable with real money, except in a few rare cases when we can get them as a reward.

Three Kingdoms: Legends of War Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Three Kingdoms: Legends Of War beginner’s guide to help you newbies get started on your journey.

  • Always use your strongest heroes for battles. If they are resting/healing, let them rest then take them into battle.
  • Maximize all upgrades before advancing to the next level of the main castle. It’s always better to do all the upgrades before moving on to the next level, because it helps to focus on the next level’s goals when we get there, and we don’t have to worry about upgrading old items.
  • When constructing buildings, pay attention to the degree of Governance of a hero. The more Governance a hero has, the faster he will finish the job.
  • Always use your skill points when available. They recharge after a short time, so it’s best to use them and make your hero stronger as soon as possible.
  • Login at least once a day to collect daily login rewards. They will help you in your progress.
  • Be careful when spending gold. It’s very easy to get caught up in upgrading your favorite hero, and you might forget about the strongest hero for this mission. Upgrade the strongest hero for the mission first.

So go ahead and try it! If you encounter any difficulties, do not hesitate to fall back on this Three Kingdoms: Legends of War for advice.

That’s all from us for the Three Kingdoms: Legends Of War Beginner’s Guide! Did you find our Three Kingdoms: Legends of War Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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