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Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG is a simulation genre game with a pixel theme developed by Ikan Asin Production. This game tells the story of a person who decides in his life to go to the city of Citampi to find money because his family is in debt and will soon be charged by debt collectors. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll take a look at the basic gameplay and tips for Citampi Stories: Love life RPG, and help new players get a head start.

There are many things you can do while playing this game such as various jobs according to your skills, worship to pray, build relationships with various people of young, old, male and female then you can also find a lover to be your life partner and start a family. yourself.

Introducing the Basics of Citampi Stories: Love Life


The city of Citampi is divided into 6 zones where each zone has different buildings and shops.

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  • Zone 1: Laundry, Chef’s Warehouse, Mr. Tatang’s Stall, Job Site, Fishing Spot
  • Zone 2: Legit Clinic, Smallman, Alex’s Clothing Store, Madam Lela’s, Courtyard, Build ‘N Fix
  • Zone 3: Gymball Fitness, Idea Furniture, Net-Cafe, 7-Seven, House, Job Board, Mosque, Civil Office, Mrs. Noer’s Shop
  • Zone 4: Job Board, Joysteak, Mrs. Tuti’s, Holtin Hotel, Azian Restaurant, Cinemak, U-Bike, Lisa Terry Boutique
  • Zone 5: Amazon Books, Mr. Rolands, Franklin Fried Chicken, Church
  • Zone 6: classroom, fishing place, school


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RP is the currency of this game, you can earn money in different ways, such as working, collecting trash and selling it, selling what you have, etc. The money here is very important because you have to pay debts every week, in addition to this you can also buy all the necessities and necessities such as food, goods, furniture and improve your skills through various stores such as the Gym and Internet Caffe.


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There are four types of skills you can upgrade, such as Communication, strength, intelligence and luck because these skills are necessary for those of you who want to find a job with a high salary. You can upgrade it for free without spending money through the Chief Storehouse, such as Dumble to increase strength, mirror to improve communication, and desk to increase intelligence.

Citampi Stories: A Beginner’s Guide to Love Life: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Citampi Stories: Love Life Beginners Guide to help you, the beginners, start your journey.

1. Know all the characters

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The thing you need to do when playing this game for the first time is to familiarize yourself with all the characters in each area. When there are people on the side of the road, we talk to them to get to know each other, sometimes we also have to enter the store because generally there are several people there, and we can also get to know the shopkeeper. It is very useful to improve your communication skills. Also, when you become a friend, you will receive a gift.

2. Be a garbage man

When you start playing this game, there are easier ways to earn money without going through the Job Board. The trick is to become a garbage collector who picks up trash or used goods from every street and then sells it to Mr. Tatang near the Zone 1 river. Not only earn money, but you can also improve your skills by luck, especially when you get rare items.

Garbage collector
Image via Ikan Asin Production

But first you have to have a glove, how do you do it? You just need to approach Mr. Tatang to be his friend until he gets 1 heart from him. One of them is to always greet Mr. Challenge every day, so your closeness to him will increase and you will receive a gift in the form of a glove. You should do this method until the second week because you have to work with a high salary next week.

3. Improve your skills

As explained before, this skill is very useful to get a good paying job, there are many ways to improve it

  • Communication: You can do this from the mirror in the chief’s warehouse and chat with the people of Citampi. I suggest using the second method, in addition to being more efficient, it can also increase your proximity to residents.
  • Strength: You can do this from dumbbells in the boss’s warehouse and go to the gym in the Gymbal 3 area by paying 25 RP, you can increase the strength by 10
  • Intelligence: You can do it by studying at the office of Chief’s Storehouse and playing on the computer in Net-Caffe Area 3, by paying 50 RP you can increase intelligence by 10, it’s quite effective when you have more d ‘silver.
  • Chance: You can get this chance by looking for waste or second-hand goods in the city of Citampi, both on the streets and in the trash.

4. Enjoy the mosque and the church

This mosque and church is very useful because you can pray there which can get 25% more money while working your first 3 hours, which is called Fortune, this applies to all jobs. Additionally, there is also a +3 bonus relationship with the first person you talk to, this is called a relationship.

Mosque and Church
Image via Ikan Asin Production

All this applies to the same day, if you do it tomorrow then the Fortune and Relationship will also expire. You can use it when you want to approach someone, like at the beginning of the game to approach Mr. Tatang, you can use Relationship to quickly become friends. Then you can use Fortune to work with high salary.

5. Build relationships with women

relationships with women
Image via Ikan Asin Production

There are many women in this city of Citampi, but you only have to approach one of them to be able to be his girlfriend and start a family. There are different ways to approach him, such as chatting with him first until he becomes his friend, then you can give him gifts if you have more money. Here is a list of gifts that you can give to the different women of the city of Citampi:

  • Nabila: Necklace/watch
  • Isma: Perfume/cosmetic
  • Windy: Shoes
  • Sarah: Cosmetics
  • Image: Scent

6. Use a cell phone

Use cell phone
Image via Ikan Asin Production

In this game, you can use a mobile phone in the lower right corner. There are various information such as contacts of Citampi residents, a calendar to know which shops are closed, galleries to see photos, Ojek Online to go to various places, Citampers to know the profiles of Citampi residents such as the birthday, Jobs and Hobbies, and many more.

Final Thoughts

Citampi Stories: Love Life is a pixel and simulation game which is perfect to play in your spare time because the game is very relaxing, doesn’t need much thinking and can relate to your life, that is say migrate to a city to earn money for the family.

That’s all from us for Citampi Stories: Love Life Beginners Guide! Did you find our Citampi Stories: Loving Life Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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