Michael Mosley Weight Loss: Short Workout That ‘Burns More Calories’ – A Beginner’s Guide


Dr. Michael Mosley is famous for his weight loss advice and it seems like he practices what he ultimately preaches. The nutritionist revealed he was exercising in small portions, which he said was “the answer” for anyone who needs to lose weight but is short on time in their busy days.

Speaking on his BBC show Just One Thing, Dr Mosley revealed how he uses his ‘exercise snacking’ technique to maintain his overall health and weight.

“I use something quick and easy called exercise snacking,” he said.

“It’s small bursts throughout the day rather than fitting everything into a full workout.”

He added: “The stairs are a particularly good way to grab some snacks for exercise.”

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Everything can be done in small pieces and built according to the needs of the individual.

“Exercise snacks could really be the answer for someone who wants to get more involved in a busy day but has plenty of time,” Dr. Mosley said.

Along with a healthy diet, exercise plays an important strategic role in a person’s weight loss journey.

Doing more physical activity increases the number of calories the body uses for energy or burns.

This, combined with reducing the number of calories a person consumes per day, then creates a calorie deficit which will lead to weight loss.

Not only that, but exercise also has mental and physical benefits that can affect people’s health and overall quality of life.


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