New Morbius Trailer Calls It ‘World’s Number One Movie’ Even Though Batman Is


Morbius might be one of the funniest movies of the year. Not because of anything in the film itself, but for the culture around it. Whether it’s a Discord server full of trolls or one of its cast tricked into believing Martin Scorsese is a huge fan, Morbius has been on a wild ride since opening in theaters on April 1. And now it gets even wilder.

A trailer shared by Sony this week boldly claims that Morbius is the “number one movie in the world”. There are no footnotes explaining what metric the studio used to reach this conclusion, leaving anyone guessing what gave Morbius this prestigious title. The main problem with the statement is that Morbius isn’t really the number one movie in the world. international ticket officeinstead taking eighth place behind such films as Death on the Nile and Uncharted.


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“Morbius is the number one movie in the world,” reads the typical voice from an action movie trailer. The short video then goes on to show us some fun scenes from the vampire film, including some of its many slow-motion action sequences.

Alas, Morbius doesn’t hold that title in the category you might think the trailer is referring to. The highest performing movie of 2022 in the world right now is The Batman. An impressive opening weekend secured an eighth-place finish for Morbius, but given stagnant ticket sales, he is unlikely to win the crown.

Morbius occupies, for the moment at least, the first place of the American box office. It may not make it the number one movie in the world, but it is something. Morbheads should enjoy it while they can, however, as Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is likely to steal its thunder now that it’s hit theaters in the region.

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