Pac-Man Gets a Live-Action Hollywood Movie


Pac-Man Gets a Live-Action Hollywood Movie

Around the same time sonic the hedgehog 3 was announced, another Japanese video game property was revealed to be getting a Hollywood movie (and it even has a sonic the hedgehog link). Pac manthe iconic ever-hungry arcade game, gets a live-action movie.

The film is currently in development, and so far, information is scant. The film comes to us from Bandai Namco Entertainment and Wayfarer Studios, founded by Justin Baldoni and Steve Sarowitz.

Credit for the original idea for the film goes to Chuck Williams, who worked on sonic the hedgehog as an associate producer. Here is a part of Williams Biographyaccording to his company Lightbeam Entertainment:

“A 21-year veteran of Disney Feature Animation, Chuck has served as development manager, writer, editor and producer on numerous films around the world. During his early years at Disney, he worked on Beauty & the Beast, Lion King, Aladdin, and several other films, and also wrote the Academy-nominated approach and produced Brother Bear (Disney’s 40th animated feature).Afterwards, Chuck moved to California and produced and wrote a handful of films in development at Disney Features. Under John Lasseter and Ed Catmull of Pixar, Chuck was asked to direct the Disney Shorts program which was the vanguard of Pixar’s development process in Disney.”

Williams and Tim Kwok will both produce the film for Lightbeam Entertainment. Justin Baldoni, Manu Gargi and Andrew Calof of Wayfarer Studios will also be involved in production work. Not too long ago, Wayfarer Studios received a $125 million investment to be able to produce more projects.

More details, such as when the film might debut, have yet to be shared. Pac man has received anime series adaptations in America before, but has never been a big-screen star quite like this.

What do you think of a live-action Pac man film?

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