Police Say $1 Million in ‘Movie Money’ Stolen From Car in Oregon: Can You See the Difference? | KAMR


PORTLAND, OR (KOIN) – Oregon police are advising local businesses to look closely at any money they accept after $1 million in fake “movie money” was stolen from a car in the coastal town of Newport on Thursday .

A car was broken into somewhere in north Newport on March 31, but police did not say exactly where or when. Along with other items, the car owner reported that $1 million in incidental cash was taken, all in denominations of $10, $20, and $100.

All dollar bills are said to be marked “For cinematic use only” and “Copy,” but officials say the movie money is still very similar to real US currency. They say the same type of prop money has created problems for companies in the past.

The counterfeit notes were printed with the words “For Motion Picture Use Only” and “Copy”, but police warned they still looked surprisingly similar to real US currency. (Newport Police Department)

“The Newport Police Department would like to take this opportunity to warn local businesses and the public about ‘counterfeit’ currency that may begin to circulate and remind everyone to use their due diligence, especially in light of this theft, in the correct identification of any currency. you take,” Newport PD said in a statement. “Besides the obvious imprint, warning that the currency is for cinematic use only, it will also differ from genuine U.S. currency.”

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact Officer Jon Humphreys with Newport PD and referral case # 22N-00610.


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