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The latest offering from the studio that made Mr. Meat, Keplerian horror gamesis the second installment, Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break. The game launched on July 15, 2022 and is already a well-received successor to Mr. Meat. The horror Roleplay genre on mobile is very saturated. Games in this category were largely disappointing. Among all these games, Mr, Meat stood out. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll take a look at the basic gameplay and tips for Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break, and help new players get a head start.

Gameplay overview

After the events of the first game, this episode is a continuation. Mr. Meat was captured by the police and imprisoned for his crimes. After years of confinement in the state prison, the day of his execution has arrived and everyone connected with the case has gathered in the prison to witness his end.

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In this new episode, we play Rebecca, Mr. Meat’s daughter, who after being saved in the previous game, is involved in a new nightmare when she goes to witness the execution of her father. We’ll explore a whole new setting as we escape from Mr. Meat and solve puzzles as we search for a route to escape the prison that has been taken over by the Butcher.

Introducing the basics of Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break

In the previous installment of this game, we had multiple ways to play. The same also applies to this episode. Although we have a single goal, we have many ways to achieve it.

Know all the different ways to get away and explore

  • Escape through the basement tunnel: One way out of the nightmare is to escape through the basement tunnel. By using this we can be more discreet and secretive. Moving out in the open won’t be as necessary, and we can avoid Mr. Meat for longer.
Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break Escape
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  • Escape through the main prison gate: Another way to escape this prison is to run through the main door. Of course, this will take a lot of effort. Along with that, the scary Mr. Meat will be on your trail for longer.
  • Explore the Jail: In this mode we can explore the deepest and darkest corners of the prison. All areas of the prison can be explored but it will take effort to unlock them. Overall, it’s a mode where you focus more on exploration than survival.

Understand all levels of difficulty in the game

Mr. Meat 2 has 4 difficulty levels.

  • Easy: In this difficulty, our enemies are not very dangerous. We can only access the areas required for this route. We have 3 attempts to escape in this mode.
  • Normal: On Normal difficulty, the enemies will be a little more dangerous, but not as dangerous as on Hard. Normal can be a little more difficult for beginners, so it would be best to stick to easy for the first few games. We have 3 attempts to escape in this mode as well.
Mr Meat 2 prison escape characters
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  • Hard: In Hard mode, the difficulty really increases. Mr. Meat is able to hear us better than before, and we also can’t easily escape other enemies. We only have one hard mode escape attempt.
  • ghost mode: In ghost mode, our enemies will not be able to see us. But, we will have to go through a ton of ads during the game. This can be helpful in mapping the area. During this mode we have 3 attempts to escape.


At the start of each part of this game we get a stun gun that we can use to stun our enemies. The gun has 2 charges at the start, then to get more charges we have to watch ads. It is very important to use it sparingly and only in the most extreme situations.

Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break Beginner’s Guide to help you newbies get started on your journey.

  • Mr. Meat walks through the prison once we open the barred door that separates his execution room and the rest of the prison. So once the door is open, we have to start scouting out places where we can hide.
  • The first use of the stun gun in the game is when we need to get the ID card from a guard pig. This guard pig is very slippery, so we need to get his ID by stunning him. We have to do it, crouching down and sneaking up to him.
Mr. Meat2: pre-registration
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  • In easy mode, even if the enemies are not as dangerous, it is advisable not to make a lot of noise because it always attracts them towards us.
  • Scouting and planning ahead is very important to escape.
  • A different strategy that we can use to distract Mr. Meat and other enemies is to randomly open doors and make noise in an area. Then when they get to that area, we can sneak in and get to our goal.
  • Headphones / playing with sound is necessary, because we need to hear when Mr. Meat is near us.

So go ahead and try it! If you’re having trouble, feel free to turn to this Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break Beginner’s Guide for advice.

That’s all from us for the beginner’s guide to Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break! Did you find our Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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