Protect Trans Kids protest and other March 2 activities on campus – North Texas Daily


A group of protesters sit on the steps of Curry Hall during a YCT meeting that hosted Texas House candidate Jeff Younger on March 2, 2022. Photo by Matt Iaia

A protest in response to the Texas Young Conservatives’ “Criminalize Child Transitions” event was held outside Curry Hall on Wednesday. The event began at 7 p.m. and featured Texas House nominee Jeff Younger. Protesters stood outside the building, holding signs and chanting their displeasure with Younger’s presence on campus. Younger left the meeting with a police escort who allegedly punched a protester as they left the scene. The protester was transported off campus in an ambulance. North Texas Daily photographers were on the scene and captured the protest in progress.

On the Kerr Hall campus at around 9 p.m., several police cars lined Maple Street as officers broke up an event taking place outside and told those present to leave. Sources on the site say a fight broke out and an ambulance was called. the Daily photographers captured the aftermath of the fight and the police presence on campus.

The featured image: Texas House candidate Jeff Younger leaves campus under police protection on March 2, 2022. Photo by Matt Iaia


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