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The mobile version of Rainbow Six Siege has been attracting a lot of attention since its release. from Ubisoft latest mobile game, titled Mobile Rainbow Six is strongly inspired by Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siegealthough it is not a complete copy of the game. In this beginner’s guide, we will talk about the basics of Rainbow Six Mobile, i.e. Purpose, Operatorsand some tips and tricks to help you understand the basic strategies, faster and better.

Introducing the basics of Rainbow Six Mobile

Rainbow Six Siege is a 5v5 tactical FPS shooter that has become popular due to its strategic approach and level of competitiveness, and its mobile variant seems to be following in its footsteps as Rainbow Six Mobile’s playstyle is no different. . Talking about the basics of the all-new title, let’s start with the game‘s objectives.


Rainbow Six Mobile’s goal is like any other Search and destroy mode, in which players must either complete the given task within a certain amount of time or eliminate all enemies to win a round. Two teams of five players from each side will compete in a The best of 3 classic mixing modesand both teams will have a separate objective to complete.

Rainbow Six Mobile basics
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The attackers’ objective is to plant the defuser in bombsites A or B or eliminate the enemies, while the defenders’ objective is to deactivate the defuser if it is planted or eliminate all of their enemies.

game cards

Rainbow Six Mobile features three Siege maps – Bank, Border, and the recently added clubhouse. These maps have been slightly modified and heavily optimized to ensure a lag-free experience on the mobile platform. The The bank consists of two floors, a basement and a roof. This map is heavily fortified with many closed corners and small rooms.

Maps and Modes
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The The border map consists of a mix of old and new constructions and outdoor lanesthus being one of the most destructible and open maps in the game. And finally, the clubhouse, featuring a full bar, game tables and leather furniture, this mixed layout offers a host of exciting tactical possibilities for attackers and defenders.

Game Modes

Speaking of fashion, Bomb is the only game mode available, with the Secure space mode should be released soon. In Bomb mode, two bombs are in bombsites A and B. The defuser is in front of the attackers during the preparation phase, and it can be picked up by anyone on the team.

Rainbow Six Mobile coverage announced, Rainbow Six Mobile pre-registration, Rainbow Six Mobile Operators
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The goal of the attackers in this game mode is to carry the defuser and plant it in one of the bomb sites. Once planted, the The defuser will take about 45 seconds to defuse the bomb. The The defenders’ goal jumps here as it is their job to make sure the defuser doesn’t defuse the bomb.

To stop it, the defenders must move towards the defuser and deactivate the defuser that is already planted. A turn is gained by attackers if the defuser has defused the bomb, or if all enemies are eliminated, similarly, a turn is gained by defenders if they successfully deactivate the defuser or have eliminated all enemies.

Understanding Operators

Rainbow Six Mobile characters are called The operators. Operators have unique weapons, gadgets, and abilities that make nearly every one of their goals different from each other. There are currently many Operators available in the game, categorized into two groups, namely Attackers and Defenders. The list of available operators can be found here.

Master the Benefits

Attackers and defenders each have special perks that play a major role in creating a huge difference. Attackers have the privilege of using a controllable drone which can be used to move around the map and search for enemies during the preparation phase of a match. This drone can move in any direction, rotate its view, and scan enemies to alert the player to their location.

Play as Operators
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By knowing the location of enemies, one can easily alert his teammates and play strategically. The drone can be destroyed by defenders if the drone is noticed, so be sure to read the last segment of this article to learn how to prevent it.

Defenders, on the other hand, have full authority to access the surveillance camera located in different places on the map. These cameras act similarly to attacker drones and can be used to scan enemies in their radar. It has a fixed radius and defenders can switch to any camera to scan an area. CCTV can also be destroyed by attackers, but unlike the drone, CCTV cannot be protected.

Rainbow Six Mobile Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Rainbow Six Mobile is one of the hardest games to master on mobile. Learning the game is a time-consuming process that will take many hours to get used to. Therefore, we bring you some basic tips and tricks that will push you through the process at a faster pace.

1. Practice shooting with the side sight option

The highlight of Rainbow Six Mobile is the ability to aim left or right while glancing. This gives a huge advantage against a player aiming straight, as they won’t have any cover while doing so. Many Esports players also use this feature so it is highly recommended to use this feature wisely.

2. Teammates can be revived

Even though it is a multiplayer game, players in Rainbow Six Mobile have the ability to revive their teammates when knocked down. It would be easy for a player to revive their teammate if the team sticks together, assuring the player that they don’t have to worry about themselves. Once revived, the revived player will receive 50 HP to continue the battle.

Rainbow Six Mobile Beginner's Guide
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3. Use drones and CCTV

For attackers, don’t underestimate the value of the drone. He is able to provide a lot of intel to the team and could possibly be a game-changer at any point in the game. For this to happen, look for enemies during the Preparation phase, and when the round is about to begin, move it to a safe place where enemies won’t be able to find it. This way players can also control the drone during the round.

For the Defenders, use CCTV cameras located in different parts of the map to spot the Attackers. CCTV is used as Intel’s source, and can also be used to confirm if a particular area has no attackers around, or is safe enough for defenders to move into, within its radius.

4. Place barricades and reinforcements where needed

A Barricade is wooden equipment used by Defenders to block doors and windows, and fortify the defenses of an area. It blocks the enemy’s line of sight, allowing defenders to have a slight advantage. These barricades can be breached easily, but as this creates noise, the defenders will be aware of the enemy’s position. Defenders having unlimited barricades, place them in doors and windows where enemies are supposed to come from.

Reinforcements are large metal covers that can be placed on drilled walls. They have the ability to resist all explosives except gadgets owned by a few Operators (Thermite and Hibana). Each defender receives at least one reinforcement each; using them in vital areas close to the objective decreases the attackers’ chances of entering the objective and accomplishing their task.

Final Thoughts

From my personal experience, Rainbow Six Mobile seems to be very competitive right off the bat. Something that must be highly appreciated in the title is the team. Rainbow Six Mobile’s developer and community managers are extremely active on social media and they always keep the community up to date by answering questions and regularly providing information on updates and bug fixes.

Popular content creators like ImOw, 1ceStreamand others have started streaming and publishing Rainbow Six Mobile related content, and many gamers are extremely excited and at the same time hope to receive access to play the game.

That’s all in this Rainbow Six Mobile beginners guide. Let us know in the comments section if you find this Rainbow Six Mobile beginners guide helpful.

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