Riders Republic Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks for New Players


Riders Republic is a huge game full of activities to do. Not only is there a map full of events, but there are also challenges and a multiplayer mode to master as well. At first it can seem quite intimidating. That’s why we’ve put together this beginners guide with some tips and tricks to help new players into the game.

Complete the tutorial as quickly as possible

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The tutorial is essential for learning the basics of Riders Republic, but it seems like it takes too long. Try to go through it as fast as possible and don’t get distracted by exploring or examining too closely the other features of the game. The sooner the tutorial is completed, the sooner you can build your career.

Explore, explore, explore

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While you might want to spend all your time racing or performing stunts, the world of Riders Republic can be much more rewarding, at least when you first start the game. There are landmarks and relics to find, each of them awards you a star when you meet them. Some even give you new Funkies, which are essential for completing Shackdaddy challenges.

Try a mass event

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Occasionally, mass events will trigger while playing Riders Republic. If you see one, go ahead and give it a try. These events are the most important in the game, with 64 players competing for the top spot. You can earn six stars at a mass event without much effort. All you have to do is finish in the top 40 over all three laps. This is the perfect way to boost your star collection earlier and unlock more levels of progression.

Master manual landing

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There are two types of landing modes in the game: auto landing and manual landing. You will need to familiarize yourself with manual landing if you want to earn the most points from tricks. It is better to activate it from the start and try to master it as you go. Keep persevering and explore the Riders Ridge training area to familiarize yourself with it. At some point, everything will snap and you can complete any trick, no matter how complex.

Complete Shackdaddy challenges and sponsorship contracts

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Shackdaddy Challenges and Sponsor Contracts are additional missions that you can acquire by purchasing them from the Shackdaddy Supplier or by unlocking and equipping new Sponsors. These objectives require you to do things like complete specific types of events, earn points, or use Funkies. Completing them earns you more stars and dollars, which you need to boost your career. Start paying attention to them as soon as you unlock them and you’ll progress much faster than other players who ignore them.

Test out some multiplayer events

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Multiplayer is a branch of Riders Republic that you probably won’t be touching for a while. This is where you can take on big events against dozens of other players. There’s a whole progression system tied to weekly leaderboards and global divisions to explore, but that’s plenty to do if you’ve just started the game. Instead, try out each multiplayer game mode and see which one you like best. . Whatever you do, you will earn stars and you should end up having fun.


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