Rift Apart activity times are based on “Real Player Data”


The PS5 collects data from real players to help everyone beat challenging levels.

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A recent interview with the director of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart revealed some new information about the PlayStation 5. One of the latest features added to the PlayStation UI is the addition of activity cards, which offer hints gameplay, helpful video guides, and estimates of how long it will take to complete a chapter or section of a game. Well, it turns out these helpful activity cards actually use real player data to provide these guides and schedules.

Activity cards, which show up in the console’s home menu, are a great way to break down a game into activities and make managing a difficult level a bit easier. When hovering over a game’s icon in the home menu, maps are activated and the player is offered maps that share small clips on how to overcome the obstacle of a level, information about certain collectibles in a game and an estimate of how long a level will take. take to complete. While many might believe these estimates are based on what the developer thinks is an appropriate time, the maps are more complex than that.


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Activity Cards

Speaking to Axios about the game’s difficulty settings Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Insomniac Game Director Mike Daly provided insight into how these activity cards work. As Daly explains: “They are derived from an estimate made by the developers which is then compared to other players’ average run times for the task pulled by PlayStation Network online, then personalized with a pace check of the player playing the game.”

For Rift Apart, these activity cards worked well with how the developers wanted to approach difficulty. Daly shared that the game team has been working to make the game more accessible, explaining “We’re not thinking anymore, like, ‘What’s going to make the most elite players feel good about themselves?’ Rather, ‘What will allow everyone to have the experience they want to have?’ Because that’s kind of the most important thing for us.”

It looks like the team behind Rift Apart made the right decisions when it came to accessibility and difficulty, as the game topped sales last month, doubling the launch month sales of the previous Ratchet & Clank game.

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