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Some form of side hustle is recommended by online money gurus on their social media accounts. It has been called “newbie-friendly” and “the most underrated side hustle of 2022”. It’s all about affiliate links, and according to industry statistics, it’s on the rise.

Brie, an “affiliate marketing coach” who posts tips under @hustlewithbriee on TikTok called the money-making method: “The best way to legally earn £5,000-£10,000 a month, even as a complete beginner.”

The secondary hustle is promoting links to products, on which you will earn a commission if purchases are made through the links.

“There are endless products to choose from and promote,” Brie said. She suggested signing up for an affiliate network and then posting links to social media sites like Pinterest.

Demonstrating exactly how it’s done in her video, the content creator makes it look easy. “Now when someone clicks and buys from my link, I earn a commission,” she explains.

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Making money from affiliate links is all about directing people to your link and persuading them to click through and buy the product. It is inexpensive to set up, but it takes time and effort to market the links.

Unless you already have a social media platform or a website with regular traffic, you might struggle to make money from affiliate marketing. Many people who attempt affiliate marketing will make little to no money, so it’s important to assess whether you have the time to devote to this side hustle.

A mum recently explained how she earned an extra £230 for just two hours of work a week.

She told “I heard about Avon through a friend, who commented on how affordable and high quality the products were.


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