Small Office Decorating Ideas to Make Your Workday More Inspiring


Here is how you can decorate your small office.

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1. Work together

Working from home with a roommate or partner? Create an extra-long office from filing cabinets and a slab of wood from the hardware store, and designate a space as your office, whether it’s half the living room or your communal den. Collaborate with your roommate to build a stunning wall of art that reflects and merges your separate personalities while bringing the space together.

2. Under the stairs

An inspiring home office (even a modest one) can have a huge impact on your creativity and productivity. A floating shelf creates a tidy workplace from limited space under the stairs. Clippings and reminders are posted on the corkboard on the wall, and the front of the shelf folds out with hinges to hide paper clutter.

3. Workstation in the closet

This walk-in closet has been transformed into a modern home office nook with airy, seaside decor and a pop of bright color. In the corner of the room, a glass built-in desk provides a stylish contrast to the textured grasscloth wallpaper. Above the computer, a bold framed print contrasts with the hot pink of the desk chair.

Dynamic work environment

This cheery home office makes up for the lack of space by displaying plenty of individuality. Coloring, painting, reading and even paying bills just got a whole lot more enjoyable with a bright pink desk and a colorful lemon yellow chair.

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