Startling data revealed in Thomas’ Q1 2022 procurement activity snapshot


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A surprising category catapulted to the top of Thomas’ sourcing business rankings in the first quarter of 2022.

Thomas, a Xometry company, recently released the “Thomas Industrial Sourcing & Supply Chain Activity Snapshot”, a data-rich report that reveals the most searched products and services in Q1 2022 by its 1.4 million users. registered in North America. Wood, steel and packaging in the automotive, aerospace and housing/construction categories have generally been the top performers on and remain so in the first quarter of 2022. Additionally, during the COVID-19 pandemic, medical equipment topped 20 products purchased by buyers.

Now, for only the second time since Thomas began producing his snapshot report, food supply has risen to the top spot in the quarterly summary. Additionally, the data reveals that the supply of food products in the first quarter of 2022 was 29% higher than the second most purchased product on – steel.

[Download the full report here.]

Why food supply is trending in the first quarter of 2022

“The rapid rise of food products as the most searched category on reflects ongoing supply chain disruptions, historic inflation and Russia’s war on Ukraine,” explains the chairman of Thomas, Shawn Fitzgerald.

“Our data shows that producers, manufacturers and distributors in the broader food category are facing extreme supply pressure,” Fitzgerald said.

In fact, the food supply from February to March 2022 skyrocketed on its own. Monthly supply data reveals:

  • food bags are up 1,364%
  • general catering packaging is up 663%
  • machines increased by 360%
  • food processing equipment is up 178%.

Meanwhile, food prices hit their highest level in March 2022 since the FAO Food Price Index began tracking monthly fluctuations in 1990, according to a UN food report. and agriculture.

What else does the report reveal?

Every day, engineers, buyers and logistics companies carry out thousands of actions on Fortune 1000 companies to midsize companies and SMEs find suppliers and partners, upload product specifications and submit RFPs. Thomas reviews this first-party data to identify supply trends as well as opportunities in the industry sector.

Armed with this real-world data, the “Thomas Industrial Sourcing & Supply Chain Activity Snapshot” for Q1 2022 includes:

  • Top 20 products purchased by buyers
  • Top 20 Service Buyers Wanted
  • US Industrial Sourcing Trends
  • Industry-specific updates for popular sectors, including top 5 search states for services/products, top 5 searched products/services, and top searches by specific job titles in these industry segments
  • Additional resources including an active market buyers report and a free digital health check

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