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Do you like farm games? Do you like adventure games? How about a mix of the two? sunrise village It’s exactly that. Developped by InnoGames GmbHthis game was released in December 2021. Games similar to this include Klondike Adventures and Farm Town 2. Sunrise Village appears on the mobile game market with an innovative concept and a refreshing story. This game will scratch your itch for a farming game if you are patient and thoughtful with your resources and time. So, with all that said, let’s get into the Sunrise Village Beginners Guide!

Gameplay overview

The game gives you a basic tutorial that covers everything you’ll need to learn to get settled in Sunrise Village. You plant crops by clicking on the map area, then drag the seeds of the desired crop all over the field. Then you can harvest them by singing a sickle which you again drag all over the planted area. To construct buildings, go to Shop at the bottom left, then select Buildings and then choose the desired building. The game will guide you through the process.

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You arrive at a farm in a quaint rural town. You meet your grandfather there, at the destroyed family farm, and you are tasked with helping him get the farm back up and running. But there is a mystery that rolls all around the farm. This mystery comes in the form of a thick fog that seems to be present in and around the village at all times. The map is large, and as you clear new areas, you’ll discover new ones to explore and develop.

Sunrise Village plays like other similar village management and farming simulation games, and that’s what makes this game easy and fun. You don’t need to learn complex mechanics or complicated skills to have fun with this. Sit back and close, and enjoy your cool drink in the sun. Now that we’re done with the game mechanics, let’s move on to the beginner’s guide and some useful tips for new players.

Introducing the basics of Sunrise Village


You are heading towards a decrepit and destroyed village. You can play as a boy or a girl. When you arrive in the village, your grandfather is there to welcome you. He tells you that a dangerous fog has surrounded the village for some time now.

The farm was destroyed and thorny vines grew all over the village, blocking paths and making travel to other areas very dangerous. Your main task is to clear the vines, rocks and other obstacles around the area and get your grandfather’s farm back on track.

Sunrise Village Game
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As you start working on the farm, your grandfather tells you that a magic stone circle has popped up out of nowhere, right next to the farm. He says that Six master craftsmen placed elemental stones in the stone circle, in order to make this place prosper. But now the stones are gone and so are the craftsmen. Explore nearby areas, complete different quests and unravel this mystery in Sunrise Village.

Farming at Sunrise Village

Since this is a farming game, farming is the main focus. You can plant different crops in different fields all around your village. You also collect eggs and milk of your animals at regular intervals with the planting of these. The game also gives you other buildings like the Sawmill, quarry, etc., to get resources like Plywood, Planks, Sand, Clayetc

You will unlock new buildings and cultures as you progress. There is a “Command Table” near the entrance to the village. Here you fulfill orders from outside the village, orders include everything you need to deliver, from wheat to plywood. Once you grow crops, harvest them, feed chickens, cows, etc. and you get their products, send them to be delivered as needed.

Landscape of Sunrise Village
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Sunrise Village Adventure

In addition to working on the farm, you can also go on adventures to different locations. To help grandfather solves the mystery of thorny bushes and thick fogby visiting the A wise woman who lives on top of the mountain. Meet an eccentric inventor and other unique characters along the way. Complete quests for them and earn great rewards.

The adventure aspect of this game is polished and well fleshed out. Players will have a great time visiting different areas like the Forests, Mount Tshuka, Tungrem Forestetc You must help your grandfather solve the mystery of the missing stones and restore the stones so that peace will once again spread through the valley.

Currency and Resources

There are two currencies in this game – Coins and Diamonds. Coins are the free currency. You get them by completing orders. tasks, quests, etc. Diamonds are the premium currencybut you can also get a small amount by completing specific quests that reward you with diamonds.

To obtain coins is more important since they are the primary resource. Diamonds are not necessary as they only serve to speed up the process. It is not necessary if you are patient enough. The best way to get coins is to complete orders on the Control panel and completing all the different tasks and quests.

Understand Sunrise Village’s energy system

Yes, you read that right, Sunrise Village has a energy system, and you need to carefully manage the tasks around it. It means that this game attracts you for a long time when you engage in it. This game is kind of a waste of time, and it should be treated as such. Energy is the resource you need to use to explore the areas surrounding the farm. Energy management can be tricky at times, but with enough time spent in the game, you’ll get there.

While your energy is recharging, all you can do is produce resources, fulfill orders, spend time wandering around the village and enjoying the ambiance. You may have a question in mind, “How can I get more energy if it’s such an important resource?”, and we’ll answer exactly that next. Let’s dive right into it.

Sunrise Village Upgrade Rewards Avatar
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How to get more energy in Sunrise Village

We understand that if you don’t want to wait forever for your energy to replenish, then we have a few alternatives for getting you energy:

  • candy store – The candy store is a store where you can use berries and other fruits to produce energy. Simply drag fruit from the bottom of the screen to the energy bar, and you can produce up to 45 energy at a time. After that, the Sweet Shop needs to rest for a while to start working again.
  • Energy Vials – As you roam and explore the map, you can find small energy vials scattered around and you can tap them to get a decent amount of energy. These vials can be found on the ground in plain sight or hidden behind trees, rocks, etc. Cleanse them to gain that sweet energy.
  • Animals – The animals on your farm also provide you with energy. When they produce resources like milk, eggsetc, their energy bar fills up, and you can collect it, then let them rest for a while.
  • Upgrade – This is by far the easiest way to gain energy when you need it. Upgrading gives you minus 50 energy at once, which is a big boost when you want to clear obstacles and trees, rocks, flowers, etc. To do this as quickly as possible, keep an eye on the command board. Completing orders gives you experience, which in turn helps you level up. This causes you to get massive amounts of energy in your energy bar. Then you can use it as you see fit.
  • Friendship Garden – The last known way to get energy for free is the Garden of Friendship. Here you can choose a Non-playable character (NPC) As a friend. Then they will remove the obstacles for you by spending your energy. Once your friendship blossoms, friendship hearts increase. When this happens, the friendship will level up and you will gain a substantial amount of energy.

Sunrise Village Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Sunrise Village Beginner’s Guide to help you newbies get started on your journey.

  1. Always back up Diamonds. They are useful for purchasing heated beds, which produce double normal crops but in the same amount of time as normal crops. And saving premium money is always better than spending it on menial tasks that are easily accomplished just by waiting.
  2. Always keep your factories close to each other. By doing this, you can easily alternate between producing different resources without having to scour the map for a single resource.
  3. Never sell anything at all. Don’t sell supplies, raw materials, things you find on your adventures, etc. They are far too valuable to be sold at a ridiculous price. Instead, they can always be used to make something more important.
  4. Do not abuse energy. This leads to very fast exhaustion and then you won’t have the energy to clear obstacles that require a lot of energy or to complete quests that involve high energy consumption.
  5. Reject orders which require you to produce materials that you cannot produce at the moment. Another command will always replace the one you rejected.
  6. Always plan for what you need most. Never plant unnecessary crops or you will end up wasting time and land for needed crops and produce.

Final Thoughts

Sunrise Village is a fun farming game. The energy system can sustain the progress a bit, but by using the sources we’ve listed, you can get more than enough energy to play the game non-stop for a long time. It is fun to watch and does not require extensive knowledge of farming games. All in all, it’s a great game to pick up for 5 minutes at a time, clear obstacles, complete orders, grow crops, and then put it back together. A great time killer and playable on long trips as long as you have an internet/Wi-Fi connection.

That’s all for today sunrise village Beginner’s guide. Did you find our Sunrise Village Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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