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TEPPEN is a free game digital trading card game developed by GungHo Online Entertainment and Capcom. Game characters are based on famous Capcom games such as Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and more. The condition to win in this game is simply to zero your opponent’s hero’s HP, but the process to do so is quite complicated. This beginner’s guide will provide some general tips and methods to help new players adjust and understand what it takes to be a good TEPPEN player.

For those new to the game or the genre, TEPPEN’s unique combat system, combined with the competitive online community, can be scary. However, every expert has a starting point, and any player can excel and master TEPPEN with a few tricks and methods.

TEPPEN Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Choose the right hero

As a new player, you might think “which hero should I choose first?” or “Can I really use this hero?“, don’t worry if you thought like that, it’s the normal thought of every new player in almost every game, unless you are a gifted person who can adapt and play any game without difficulty from the first time you play it. But if you are a normal person like most people, you will feel anxious to choose your hero for the first time. To choose a hero in this game, you will have to pay attention to several aspects and don’t worry, we’ll discuss them all in our TEPPEN Beginner’s Guide.

color elements

Each character in the game has its own elements or the game is represented by colors. In the game there are four different colors. TEPPEN has had four expansions in its current configuration. Color-specific properties and abilities are now shared. Colors, on the other hand, continue to focus on what they do best.

If you’re looking for a specific playstyle, choosing a color isn’t as important because each color has inherited skills from the others, allowing heroes to have different playstyles. Understanding the most well-known colors will help you anticipate what to expect from an enemy at the start of a match and design cards when building a deck.

red element

The color red calls explosive abilities into play that damage opposing units on the board. Red color is associated with strong pressure and direct damage.

green element

Green ElementGreen Element

The green color encourages you to defend your companions by bolstering your defenses with health and shields. Green is the source of enormous dangers and the use of seals to neutralize the opponent.

purple element

purple element

Purple encourages deception and the use of negations to undo the opponent’s actions. It is used to remove cards from the field and to block the enemy with halts.

black element

black element

The color black is associated with devastation and retribution. Black is a ferocious destroyer, taking down units on the battlefield and controlling an army that lives on even after death.

2. Build the perfect patio

Now you need to know the color items, you will see these color items a lot in the game. TEPPEN currently has a list of 16 heroes, all of whom are well-known characters from various Capcom series. Each hero in the game represents one of four colors and has different playstyles. In addition, once you choose your hero, you will have access to three different hero artseach of which changes the dynamics of the game.

Let’s first try to choose your hero. This part is quite confusing because there are a lot of heroes in the game, some people will decide which hero they already know, some people will choose hero based on appearance, and some people will read carefully and decide which hero is probably the best for them, out of these three hero choice methods, there is no wrong method, but the first two are the least efficient way to choose your hero. If you’re confused, here’s a chart to help you choose your hero.

TEPPEN Beginner's Guide
Image via GungHo Online Entertainment

these eight heroes are the starting hero that you can get from the deck of cards. Next is deck building, to do this you can go to the map menu and tap on the edit map option. Once you open it, you will see a total of 16 heroes as the base of your deck, each hero has a different element color, so you will have to build your deck according to your hero’s color element.

There will be a penalty if you put a different color in a deck, for example, you choose Nergigante’s deck, the Nergigante color element is black, then you put a green color element card in your Nergigante deck, then you will get the penalty. The penalty you get is a reduced amount of MP. The MP decrease will be like this:

  • 1 color in the game (all in the same color item) will get 10 MP
  • 2 colors in game will be halved, you will get 5 MP
  • 3 colors in game will get you 3 MP
  • 4 suits in the deck will get you 0 MP which means your deck is unusable.

3. Introduction to the battle system

The combat system in TEPPEN is both simple and complicated. There’s that MP system you’ll need to deploy your map. The MP will gradually increase to a maximum of 10 by itself.

Combat System Beginner's Guide TEPPEN
Image via GungHo Online Entertainment

Speaking of cards, there are two types of cards in the game that you need and need to be aware of.

Unit card A

card A Beginner's Guide TEPPEN
Image via GungHo Online Entertainment

the card you are going to deploy to fight your opponents, there are two aspects of this kind of card you need to pay attention to, which are attack power and HP, attack power is symbolized by a red frame in bottom right of the card, and just below you will see a blue framed number, which is the card’s HP.

Action card

When you play a Action card, unlike a Unit Card, it activates a special effect and then goes to the Graveyard. Action cards can increase a unit’s attack or health, as well as add particular cards to your EX Pocket. Additionally, playing an action card pauses the battle and triggers an active response, in which you and your opponent take turns placing action cards. Now we’re talking about active response.

Action Card Beginner's Guide TEPPEN
Image via GungHo Online Entertainment

The active response is triggered by playing action cards. During Active Response, the timer stops, as does the attack gauge and each unit’s MP accumulation. The combat time display is replaced by a remaining time display during the active response. Each turn lasts 10 seconds and you and your opponent take turns playing action cards. After playing an Action card, it will be your opponent’s turn and you will have to wait for their response.

Playing action cards has the same effect as playing unit cards in terms of MP reduction. If you don’t have an Action card to play, you can cancel the active Response by tapping the Cancel icon in the lower left corner of the battle screen.

Active Response TEPPEN Beginner's Guide
Image via GungHo Online Entertainment

When choosing a map, Active Response will also cease if the remaining time reaches zero. When the active response is complete, the action cards will take effect in the order they were played, starting with the last card played. Here are some examples of how Active Response works:

In response to your opponent playing an action card that “deals three damage to a single enemy unit“, you play a card that applies a “shield (reduces damage received to 0 once)” to the same unit. Because the damaging effect will only occur after the protective effect, the damage is avoided.

4. Effect activation order

The order in which played card effects are activated is an important part of active response. Action card effects are activated in the order they are played. In other words, the cards played last will have an effect before the cards played first.

Effect Activation Order Beginner's Guide TEPPEN
Image via GungHo Online Entertainment

You can spill things on your opponent if you pay attention to the order in which the effects will trigger. Another thing you need to know about active response is GPA.

AMP refers to MP which can only be used during active response. Each player’s usual MP is added to their AMP when they join Active Response. In the MP meter at the bottom of the battle screen, adding AMP is displayed in blue.

Effect Activation Order2 Beginner's Guide TEPPEN
Image via GungHo Online Entertainment

When you play an action card after that, AMP will be consumed first, followed by standard MP when no AMP remains. The advent of AMP makes it easier to play high cost MP action cards. AMP is not applied to the action card played upon entry as it is added after the active response is activated. AMP disappears and can no longer be used when Active Response ends.

Final Thoughts

TEPPEN is a hard game, in fact, it is very difficult for new players, but when you play you will learn things about this game and you can play it easily. Some aspects make this game challenging, but again, you’ll learn it slowly as you play.

This is the game for people who want to be able to have Capcom characters fight each other, doing cross-combat between games with the same company is exciting, isn’t it. Come back to this TEPPEN beginner’s guide if you get stuck anywhere in the game.

That’s all about this TEPPEN Beginner’s guide. Please let us know in the comment section if you find this TEPPEN Beginner’s Guide useful.

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