Territorial.io Beginner’s Guide and Tips


Territorial.io is a multiplayer conquest of territory strategy game where you can choose to be a nation of any name and location. Your mission is to collect enough Balance to expand your territory by simply annexing empty lands, battling other nations, and sailing to new islands and continents. Here is our Territorial.io beginner’s guide with tips and tricks to give you a quick guide when playing the game.

Territorial.io Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Start by mastering the single player mode

When you first launch the game, you will be presented with 2 different game modes i.e. Multiplayer where you can compete against other players, and single player where you can fight bots while customizing the difficulty. Of course, you should start playing singleplayer if you just started the game to get familiar with the mechanics and systems. Start with the Easy difficulty, then slowly increase it until Hard.

2. Choose the map you’re good at

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Territorial.io has several types of maps to choose from, each with different conditions and terrain. If you don’t really like to do naval attacks, you can choose maps where there is only land like the white arena and The black arena.

3. Play as a team multiplayer

After practicing in the single player mode, you might be ready to battle against other players. But of course, if you are still not confident and wish to have a disability, you can choose Team Multiplayer where you will be placed in a random color team.

territorial multiplayer io
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You will team up with people of the same color as you to fight other colors. It’s much easier than single-player multiplayer, as you can export to other team members and get a save from them.

4. Choose coastal territories

territorial io coastal territories
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At the start of a battle, the game will let you choose where you want your starting position to be. One strategy is to choose an area close to a vast ocean, as this is a large enough natural barrier to protect you from the first minutes of the battle.

5. Focus on a large expanse of land

You can attack and expand in two ways. It’s through land and by navigating the sea. Since the land expansion moves much faster than the sea (since your army will have to travel the water first), you need to focus first about expanding your territory into a large land area.

This is why we recommend that you first choose your starting position on a large continent rather than on small islands, because the first seconds of the game are the most crucial when you race with others to capture land. empty. Greater earth also means greater balanceso you need to focus on them first and create a good size territory for your nation.

6. Peace and patience are the key to success

Of course, when your territory gets big and wide, other players will notice and might consider attacking you. It’s here that good diplomacy comes into play. The game presents you with a peace feature where you can create agreements with other nations to form a temporary truce.

But players won’t accept your offer if it looks like they have a chance of completely defeating you and taking your land. So make sure you don’t overspend your army and balance yourself in one move.

However, don’t wait too long, otherwise the Interest will get too high and start eating into your balance. Since you will also be charged a little extra when attacking, we recommend attacking at least 20% of the total balance each time at the start of the game. Once you get stronger and have a bigger army you can decide yourself depending on the condition to attack what percentage of the total balance you have.

7. Focus on real players first

True players are of course much harder to deal with as they may not accept a peace offer and simply wipe you out. Therefore, you might think that going after the bots first will be a great idea, but you might also think the opposite.

territorial.io real gamers
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One strategy is to focus on surrounding real players first, as letting them grow in size in the first few minutes of the game can pose a danger to your own territory. Focus on eliminating the closest to first, then move on to the bots.

7. Take part in the attacks

When playing on a map with other players, you will soon come into contact with those attacking your other neighbor. You want to seize the opportunity by attacking whoever looks to lose. Don’t forget to ask for a Peace agreement afterwards so that you are not their next target.

9. Choose the right emoticons

io territorial emotes
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You might think that emotes aren’t that important when it comes to playing Territorial.io, but it’s a good medium to use as diplomacy with other players. You can have an increase in their confidence if you know how to communicate well. And by using emotes, you may be able to gain some of their trust and so they’ll accept an offer of peace from you.

10. Scatter across many small islands

io territorial islands
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Another way to ensure some kind of victory, you can of course set sail to the many small islands on the map. This way, other players might not notice your presence and might just allow you to come in second by being completely wiped out. Although this strategy only works if you have a good diplomatic strategy and also depends on the other player.

That’s it for today’s Territorial.io beginners guide. Did you find our Territorial.io Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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