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While the latest adaptation of Frank Herbert Dune was widely praised for Denis Villeneuve’s breathtaking visuals, immersive world-building and grim pace, the performances of his star-studded cast were also positively rated.

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Villeneuve completed his cinematic vision of Herbert Dune-verse with some of the most renowned and recognizable stars working today, from Timothée Chalamet to Zendaya to Jason Momoa. Between them, this distro has some highly rated movies on IMDb. Since Dune has been so well received that it actually outshines a lot of other actor films.

ten Timothée Chalamet – Interstellar (8.6)

Although Timothée Chalamet was a famous movie star before Dune, Paul Atreides is his first leading role in a big budget blockbuster. Although he works on a much larger scale than the independent darling is used to, Chalamet brought a lot of his pathetic signature to the role of Paul.

Chalamet has appeared in a ton of acclaimed films, from Lady Bird at Handsome boy at Call me by your name, but his highest rated film on IMDb is Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi opus Interstellar, in which he played the son of Matthew McConaughey (later played by Casey Affleck after the time jump).

9 Rebecca Ferguson – Dune (8.3)

Dune 2021 Rebecca Ferguson Lady Jessica Atreides

While Dune is Paul’s story, his mother Lady Jessica is almost as important. Rebecca Ferguson gave a nuanced but memorable twist as the matriarch of the Atreids, sharing a tangible mother-son chemistry with Chalamet.

Ferguson is one of many Dune actors whose top rated movie on IMDb is actually Dune himself. While his recurring role as Secret Agent Ilsa Faust in the Impossible mission the movies made her a recognizable star, Dune has taken Ferguson’s career to new heights.


8 Stellan Skarsgård – Goodwill Hunt (8.3)

Stellan Skarsgard at a bar in Good Will Hunting

Although he is barely recognizable under all of his makeup, Stellan Skarsgård gives one of the most memorable performances of Dune like the levitating villain, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. Skarsgård plays the role of a powerful merchant of power to perfection.

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Skarsgård’s highest rated film on IMDb is Goodwill hunting. While Matt Damon and Robin Williams anchor the film as a genius janitor and intelligent psychiatrist who understands it, Skarsgård offers an interesting antagonistic counterpoint as a snobbish intellectual who doesn’t believe in Will.

seven Jason Momoa – Dune (8.3)

Jason Momoa Duncan Idaho Dune

As the DC actor who managed to make Aquaman bigger than Batman and Superman, Jason Momoa has a bright future as a movie star. He plays an unforgettable supporting role in Dune as a badass warrior Duncan Idaho.

Like Ferguson, Momoa’s highest rated film on IMDb is Dune himself. He steals all the scenes he’s in as Duncan and has a few brutal fight scenes where he takes on multiple opponents at once.

6 Oscar Isaac – Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (8.4)

Spider-Man 2099 in Spider-Verse

Having been wronged by an underdeveloped character in the Star wars trilogy sequel, Oscar Isaac got a second chance to star in an engaging sci-fi epic with the role of Duke Leto Atreides in Dune.

Isaac’s highest rated film on IMDb is the jewel of animated superheroes Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. The actor appeared on the post-credits scene as Miguel O’Hara, a futuristic version of Spidey who is likely ready for a bigger role in the upcoming. Spider-Verse following.

5 Josh Brolin – Avengers: Infinity War (8.4)

Thanos at the end of Avengers Infinity War

After becoming a bigger star than ever with the villainous role of Thanos in the MCU, Josh Brolin is back in hero territory in Dune. His character Gurney Halleck is the fencing master of House Atreides and, more importantly, a father figure to Paul.

Brolin’s highest rated movie on IMDb is the one that ultimately put his Thanos in the spotlight: Avengers: Infinity War. While the titular superheroes are all over the posters, Infinity war is truly the story of the Mad Titan, largely based on Brolin’s performance.

4 Javier Bardem – Dune (8.3)

Javier Bardem as Stilgar in Dune

Javier Bardem gives a little stage thief support tour Dune like Stilgar, the leader of the Fremen tribe in Sietch Tabr. He underlines the irony of two colonizers fighting over lands that do not belong to either of them.

Bardem is yet another Dune actor whose highest rated film on IMDb is Dune. Now that Paul has joined the Fremen’s fight to win back Arrakis, the next Dune the sequel will surely highlight Stilgar.

3 David Dastmalchian – The Dark Knight (9.0)

David Dastmalchian as Joker Henchman Thomas Schiff in The Dark Knight

David Dastmalchian gives a modest but memorable performance in Dune like Piter de Vries. House Harkonnen is the main villain, but as a servant to theirs, de Vries is one of the film’s secondary villains. He’s sort of the Grand Moff Tarkin of Dune.

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IMDb’s top-rated entry on Dastmalchian filmography is Christopher Nolan’s quintessential Batman epic The black Knight, in which he plays one of the Joker’s most deranged henchmen, Thomas Schiff. The actor played a larger role in DC Comics earlier this year in James Gunn’s The suicide squad. He transformed the prankster character of Polka-Dot Man into an emotionally engaging tragic figure.

2 Dave Bautista – Avengers: Endgame (8.4)

Guardians of the Galaxy at Tony Stark's funeral in Avengers Endgame

While other former WWE stars, Dwayne Johnson and John Cena, have gone on to become Hollywood stars, Dave Bautista is the only one who has earned respect and praise as a dramatic actor. In Dune, Bautista plays supporting villain Beast Rabban Harkonnen, arguably the fiercest and angryest member of House Harkonnen.

Like Brolin, Bautista’s highest rated film on IMDb is a Avengers epic. In the final battle of Avengers: Endgame, Bautista’s Drax the Destroyer arrives along with all the other Dusty Superheroes to support Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in their final fight against Brolin’s Thanos.

1 Zendaya – Dune (8.3)

Zendaya’s small role in Dune was criticized, as the trailers established her as one of the stars of the film, but she only appears in Paul’s Dreams and briefly in the finale. But this is only the beginning. His character in love Chani will have a much larger role in the recently announced sequel which will conclude Villeneuve’s adaptation of the first. Dune novel.

Like many of her co-stars, Zendaya’s highest rated film on IMDb is Dune himself. MCUs Spider Man movies, in which she plays MJ, and the musical biopic starring Hugh Jackman The greatest showman are just behind with equally impressive notes.

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