The film Ghost of Tsushima finds its screenwriter


Takashi Doscher will write the next Ghost of Tsushima movie, it has been officially confirmed. Although still in its infancy, we’re starting to see a number of names attached to the project.


The Ghost of Tsushima film will be the second film from PlayStation Productions, a Sony division created specifically to adapt the company’s gaming IP for television and the big screen. The first movie, Uncharted, hit theaters in February 2022 after a very long production run. It may not have received critical acclaim, but it was a smash hit, already grossing $383.7 million worldwide.

Takashi Doscher is probably a name PlayStation fans haven’t come across, although he has steadily racked up writing credits on a number of films, including 2018’s Still and 2019’s Only, which he also has. made.

Other names attached to the Ghost of Tsushima movie include John Wick series director Chad Stahelski, with Sony’s Asad Qizilbash and Carter Swan serving as producers at PlayStation Productions.

We still know little about the upcoming movie, but we’d guess it follows the events of the game it’s based on. Sold over 8 million copies, Ghost of Tsushima tells the story of a lone warrior, Jin Sakai, who must defend the island of Tsushima against relentless Mongol hordes. As we see throughout his journey, there’s more depth to this character than a vengeful swordsman as he struggles between upholding the samurai code and a more efficient (but dishonorable) path to repelling Tsushima’s invaders.

We are far from seeing what the film will look like. In the meantime, PlayStation Productions is developing an HBO TV series based on The Last of Us, with a Twisted Metal TV show also coming to Peacock. Having acquired Bungie earlier this year, it seems Sony is keen on Destiny IP-based movies, TV, and comics.

In other Ghost of Tsushima news, Sucker Punch has just released update 2.18 – you can check out the latest patch notes here.

Source: Deadline

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