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The rivals of the Great War is a kind of fight strategy game by eRepublic Boys on the theme of international wars. “You will learn everything about the events of the First World War”, according to the description of this mobile strategy game with cartoon images. Indeed, the army of Nicholas II surrounded the citadel of William II with tank divisions and seized it without resistance from the start. In this beginners guide, we’ll give you a good overview of The Great War Rivals and simple tips to help you increase your power and be the strongest player.

Gameplay overview

It’s a strategy game in which you have to choose between Allied Powers (France, Great Britain, Russia, Italy, Japan and the United States) and Central powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) (Germany, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria, Austria-Hungary, as well as their colonies). Build your military base, command your troops, form an alliance or join one, complete the objectives to climb the military ranks and defend your base against thieves and hostile forces.

Know your troop commanders

Of the two powers in the game, the following troop commanders are available:

Allied Powers

On the side of the allied powers, two commanders given as default commanders are King George V and Charles Riggs.

As the game progresses, these sets of commanders must be unlocked:

  • Rene Fonck: Capable of tank health debuff talent and plane health talent.
  • Alvin York: Capable of Aircraft Health debuff talent and Infantry debuff talent
  • Max Mader: Capable of Tank Attack and Tank Defense talents.
  • Eugene Bullard: Capable of debuffing tank health, aircraft defense and debuff talents.
  • Lavr Kornilov: Capable of March Speed ​​Talent and Troop Attack Talent.
  • Francis Pegahmagabow: Able to harvest oil and gather mars talents.
  • Flora Sandes: Capable of aircraft defense talent and troop attack talent.
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Central powers

For Central Powers as well, two similar Commanders are given by default, and the others must be unlocked as the game progresses. The troop commanders available in the game are:

  • Keiser William II (default): Capable of March Speed ​​Talent and Troop Health Talent.
  • Seyit Cabouk: Able to gather food and gather mars talents.
  • Victoria Savs: Capable of aircraft defense talent and troop attack talent.
  • Manfred von Richthofen – The Red Baron: Capable of tank health debuff and plane health debuff talent.
  • Ernst Junger: Capable of Aircraft Health debuff talent and Infantry debuff talent
  • Bernard Reddeman: Capable of Aircraft Health debuff talent and Infantry debuff talent
  • Godwin von Brumowski: Capable of Airplane Health Debuff Talent and Tank Health Debuff Talent
  • John Charvat: Capable of March Speed ​​Talent and Troop Attack Talent.
  • Ivan Kolen Stoyanov: Able to harvest oil and gather mars talents.

Master the in-game missions

There are several categories of missions assigned to you in this game. It varies according to the difficulty.

Great War Rivals gameplay
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  • The first is the basic mission. These are the missions that need to be completed to advance to the next chapter. These are very necessary for further progress.
  • Building missions, training missions, research missionsand Various missions are part of the different missions of the game.
  • Like any other standard mobile game, it also has daily missions and daily tasks for which you will be rewarded with points.
  • Upgrading a structure, defeating bandits, gathering food, oil, and other missions are some of the available missions.
  • There are also specialized missions such as Allied Missions and VIP assignments which gives special rewards like VIP access

Presentation of alliances

In the game, an alliance is made up of other online players who have joined forces to play together. In other multiplayer games, it’s the same as making room. It’s up to you if you join any of the various online sites Wedding rings or create your own. you will win 100 free gold coins (for the first time only) when you join an alliance, a speed boost (which allows you to walk faster towards the enemy while attacking) and access to the alliance chat, where you can talk with d other members of the alliance.

In-Game Rewards

Each completed task earns you a reward, and a daily reward is an added bonus. As you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock different characters for your advisor. Each Legendary Leader has a unique set of abilities. Your character starts at the authorized level Private rank and evolves towards Overall rank by earning skill points.

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They all have certain gear that are unlocked, while those that are locked will be unlocked if they reach a particular level. To win prizes and level up, you need to complete various activities in each Chapter or set of missions. On each mission, you will create and expand your area while defending it from thieves.

Great War Rivals Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our The Great War Rivals Beginner’s Guide to help you newbies get started on your journey.

  • When you are about to attack a certain troop, make sure to tap in the middle of the base, so that your weaponry can successfully destroy the troop from all sides. A green line shows the damage done to the troop and once it turns red it means the job is almost done, eventually becoming zero, which defines the base is successfully destroyed.
  • One trick you need to remember is that you can speed up the process by using the gold you have.
  • Make sure you retrieve supply lines after completing the chapters. Chapters are easy to complete with basic missions like building cement factory, oil refinery etc.
  • When building your base, give equal importance to the food supply in relation to your training camps, alongside hospitals and houses.
  • You have to increase the level of your headquarters (essentially upgrading them) to increase your active walking ability. The higher your troop’s active marching capacity, the better your chances of winning the fight and destroying other bases faster.
  • Below your commander’s profile, there is a column described as Skills. Clicking on it brings up another screen with many locked and unlocked icons. Among these icons resides an icon named Troop attackfrom where you can maximize the attack potential of your army troop.
  • In the same view, you can find the auto-assign tab from which you can assign skills useful for fighting, building, researching, training, gathering, etc. to your troops.
  • Once we have completed the training for the battle, then we need to equip the empire, build additional towers and organize an army after completing the training. You realize at this point that this is a geo-strategy similar to The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War. The player must choose between two combat camps: the Germans and the Russians. Beginners shouldn’t worry as the city is protected by an energy shield. When this wears off, hostile states will start attacking you.

Final Thoughts

The Great War Rivals takes you back to World War I, the pivotal struggle in combat history. You can take part in all the fights on the battlefield, command gigantic WW1 vehicles and perform any moves that will help you and your friends turn the tide of the battle on your side.

This is all about The Great War Rivals Beginner’s guide. Please let us know in the comment section if you find this The Great War Rivals Beginner’s Guide useful.

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