THE RIDESHARE KILLER (2022) Murder mystery movie reviews and preview


“Be careful who you carpool with”
The Carpool Killer is a 2022 American thriller about a serial killer who uses a new app to lure victims. Meanwhile, the female CEO of the app – Rock n Ride – must stop the psychopath before he destroys the company and kills his entire tech team…

Written, produced and directed by Ashley Scott Meyers (The pinch); co-author of Snake out of Compton) with story consultants Tammy Gross, Stephen Hess, Rick McCormick and Tad Israel Wojnicki. Also produced by Tony Greenberg and Gavin Peretti.


The film stars Tuesday Knight (The Amityville Moon; Howling show; Wes Craven’s New Nightmare; A Nightmare on Elm Street 4), Victoria De Mare, Croix Provence, Jeffry Druce, Oliver Robins (Celebrity crush; Fighting spirit (1982) and Poltergeist II: The Other Side), James Balsamo, Shuja Paul, Anouk Samuel, Gavin Peretti and Eric Roberts.


Our opinion :
Writer-director Ashley Scott Meyers apparently wanted to capture the feel of 1970s Gialli thrillers steeped in Scream (presumably just the latter’s intimidation by cellphone) for The Carpool Killer.

Unfortunately, it failed badly because the end product – and it sounds like a product – is nowhere near as sleek and captivating as the Italian subgenre it names (the black killer gloves being the only obvious influence) , not to mention everything directed. by Wes Craven.

With a labored plot and a bland score by Amy Balcomb, it’s more like a violent TV movie, but with a plethora of tourniquets. Indeed, the cavalcade of murders towards the climax makes the predictable final harassment of the plucky Tuesday Knight CEO more comedic than suspenseful. She was seen waddling around like a trapped duck as the killer ambles around behind without any sense of on-screen urgency.

Nevertheless, The Carpool Killer is a perfectly watchable waste of time if you really have nothing more exciting to choose from and only $1.99 to rent via Amazon it will not harm your bank balance. The awkward attempts at mild humor involving Victoria De Mare’s goofy character might even elicit a smile or two. Expect nothing more than a mystery in numbers with a few nods to the dangers that women traveling alone can obviously place themselves in using ridesharing apps.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:
“Between the script and the actors, many characters in The Carpool Killer feeling “fake” – a strange thing to say about a movie but there’s a level of insincerity in some of the performances and the dialogue that takes you completely out of the movie. And, unfortunately, at a crucial moment in the film, at the crescendo of the story, it becomes frankly laughable. 2.5/5 Nerdly


“…you have to have enough suspects to create a mystery. Of the three who The Carpool Killer offer, two are obviously the wrong build to be the killer and the other ends up dying at the start of act three. That means the killer ends up being a pick out of left field that you have no way of understanding. 1/5 Voice from the balcony

During the film’s Kickstarter campaign, writer-director Ashley Scott Meyers said that The Carpool Killer is a “mystery thriller feature that pays homage to the great Italian Giallo films of the 60s and 70s but with a modern twist” and “Scream meets The social network.”

Cast and characters:
Tuesday Knight … Julia Altimari
Victoria De Mare … Naomi McGinny
Croix Provence … Lorraine barber
Jeffry Druce … Reginald Altimari
Oliver Robins … Billy Smith
James Balsamo … Chip
Shuja Paul … Rohan Patel
Anouk Samuel … Samantha Pagley
Gavin Peretti … Sergeant Dunkle
Eric Roberts … Lieutenant Moyer
Todd Senofonte … James
Nika Balina … Patricia
Roberta Bassin … Bonnie Altimari
Becktoria … Caitlin
Canelle Boughton … Michelle
Amy Covell … Journalist Erin Rogers
Robert Dunne … Detective Kennedy
Josh Eisenberg … Devon
Brynne Erskine … Bobbi
Socrates Frantzis … Todd
Emory Jason Hofferman … Jon
Josh Madson … Glen
Erica Manni … Riley
Rio Summers … Amanda
Alex Michael Torres … Mike
Wally Wingert … Reggie Altimari Jr.

Technical details:
1 hour 23 mins


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