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While hosting any kind of party – birthday parties, anniversary parties, graduation parties, Galetine parties – can be awesome, there’s something especially fun about a baby shower. But while hosting a baby shower can be exciting, honoring new grandparents! remember that sweet baby smell! – planning them can also sometimes be a bit overwhelming. There are so many things to think about, whether it’s the theme, the decorations, the games or the food that will be served.

This is where you, as the host, come in. You can set the tone for the type of party: you know they don’t want to open presents? Ignore them! Want casual games rather than games that take all the attention and energy from the event? Sounds good to us!

Our tip: Even if the shower is a surprise, start by (subtly) asking the parent or expectant parents what they have in mind, then take your bearings from there. They may prefer a co-ed party, an outdoor summer party, a spooky Halloween baby shower, a virtual baby shower to include distant relatives, or a “sauce” for a second child (usually a more intimate affair, but not always ) or something totally different.

Whichever route they want to take, there are plenty of options. Here you will find 50 inspirations and fun baby shower ideas for all kinds of parties, themes and sizes, with food, favor games and invitation ideas. Scroll through this list for ideas, possibly make them by the parent or parents-to-be, then enjoy the prep, bake, and organization.

And finally, don’t forget a quality baby shower gift and a comfortable outfit!


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