There aren’t many ideas when it comes to gifting a boyfriend: we’ve got a whole list planned for the next birthday

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Aren’t you tired of the same party-gift-dinner routine when it comes to planning a birthday for your boyfriend or husband? Get out of the circle, because it’s no longer a surprise for the guy enjoying his special day these days. Instead, consider creative ideas that you’ll enjoy organizing that will make that special someone feel, well, special! We have compiled a list of original ideas that you could try from dawn to dusk to make her birthday truly unforgettable.

A collage of images: “Just me and you” birthdays get old fast, so include his family and friends and earn brownie points! Plan ahead and gift loved ones an alphabet beginning with HAPPY BIRTHDAY. (including yourself). You can either write it down or have it printed, then ask each of them to pose with it and email you a photo. When all the pictures are there, build a collage, show it to her and see the joy on her face. The best part? Distance is no obstacle, and you can include all of his friends and family, even if they are all over the world.

State it: Buy some colored chalk and write Happy Birthday in big, bold letters on the bedroom floor or wall. Allow him to see it first thing in the morning when he wakes up. There is no doubt that he will feel like the master of the world.

The Heart of a King: Get him a crown, crown him, and declare him king of that day. Now urge him to write down his wishes for the day and make him feel supreme.

Treasure hunt: Put sticky love notes in areas where he’s likely to find them if you’re the lovey-dovey pair. Think of the toilet, the lunchbox, the car, his trouser pockets, the breakfast tray and the closet, and make him comfortable.


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