Thursday MMB concert features pieces ranging from the Roaring Twenties to Disney movie soundtracks


The Marshall Municipal Band returns to the East Lawn of the Saline County Courthouse Thursday night for another free evening of music. The concert will begin at 7 p.m.

The concert will begin, quite rightly, with the concert march “Proud Heritage”.

“For 100 years, the Marshall Municipal Band has offered weekly concerts,” says manager Kevin Lines. “It’s overwhelming to think of the number of musicians that have been in this band, as well as the music that has been played over the years.

“Our next selection really ties into that story. ‘Overture to a New Horizon’ was written to honor the New Horizon band movement that strongly supports adult beginners and returning musicians. After graduating from high school “, musicians often put their soon-to-be-forgotten instrument away in the closet. The New Horizon movement and bands like the Marshall Municipal Band are encouraging musicians to dust off those instruments and rediscover the joy of playing,” according to Lines.

The group’s second opening on the concert is the program “New York: 1927” written by Warren Barker. This work is a musical snapshot of the irresistible and carefree Roaring Twenties when ragtime music, flappers and speakeasies were all the rage.

A recent addition to the group’s repertoire is a work called “Disney at the Movies”.

“This work is especially written for the young and the young at heart,” adds Lines.

This medley includes fourteen classic themes from Disney classics such as “Cinderella” to “The Lion King”.

The program also includes the marches ‘Salute to the Sultan’, ‘Coat of Arms’ and Leroy Anderson’s hugely popular dance classic ‘Blue Tango’.

Thursday’s concert will end the same way Marshall Municipal Band concerts have ended for so many years, a sacred work, a patriotic work, and the band’s signature march, “Uncle Sammy.”

The group’s sacred work is “They Led My Lord Away”. Arranged by Fred J. Allen, this work maintains the dignity and plaintive research quality of the original anthem through some of the many beautiful sounds available in the modern band.

The patriotic work “Duty, Honor, Country” is written for the narrator and the group. The text of this book is adapted from General Douglas MacArthur’s speech to the graduating class of 1962 from the US Military Academy.


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