Thymesia Beginner’s Guide: How to Survive


We welcome you to the Beginner’s Guide to Thymesia. As a newbie to Thymesia, a place where you will first learn how to enter the game and where you will be killed and destroyed by enemies of all kinds. Thymesia falls under the genre of action and horrible Soulslikes. Moreover, a fast combat strategy is included in the game, where the weapons used are rather pestilential. Use all the powers of the inflicted diseases and find out what happens after you lose all your memories.

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In the Thymesia Beginners guide, we will give you all the details related to the game. Also, learn all about saving your world as a plague doctor from all harmful diseases. The game will be available for you on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S & X. Also, great news for all Nintendo Switch players, the game is coming via the Cloud version. Also consider reading our Thymesia review.

Thymesia game mechanics


The game is about a warrior, Corvus, who has lost track of all his memories but is ready to fight. Slowly devouring it, the world is filled with a mysterious disease. However, this war can end with the help of the game’s protagonist, whose memory saved all the hacks to get rid of the disease. For you to kill enemies make sure to use amazing skills and strategies to take down the enemy in Thymesia Beginners Guide.

What’s even more interesting about Thymesia is how you can manipulate some of the enemies into working for you. Collect all Corvus weapons, plague filled weapons and your skills to kill enemies. On top of that, your unique playstyle can make it all possible.

Beginner's Guide to Thymesia
Skills (2)


Enemies receive two bars are given to your enemy; one of the bars is green, while the other is white. In Thymesia, the enemy’s life would be reclaimed, not yours after you lost yours. Moreover, to defeat these enemies, you will have to fight even more aggressively.

You have two different types of combo attacks, the sword attack and the claw attack in Thymesia. Keep alternating your range with attack timing and style to avoid strikes when you fall on deaf ears. This would replicate the damage enemies inflict on you.


Although the number of weapons you will have in Thymesia is not too high, you can still use second-hand weapons. You will need to add these weapons to your arsenals after killing the enemy using your claws. Also, these weapons keep improving and changing Thymesia Beginners guide.

Nevertheless, after using one weapon, it will start to decay, so you will have to get your hands on the second one. Depending on your moves and the choices you make, you may be able to keep one of the weapons permanently.

Thymesia Beginner's Guide
Plague Weapons

Another interesting thing about this game is how you can use your enemies’ weapons and even bosses to destroy the monsters.

To play Thymesia as a beginner, you won’t have much knowledge, but don’t worry; We have what you need ! You will know all the rules and strategies to use in the game thanks to the Thymesia Beginners guide.

The characters used in the game are pretty awesome. From the monsters that haunt you to the doctors that save you, this will keep you hooked. Plus, you’re responsible for all those people with their masks and leather robes. You will know all about the skills they use in the Thymesia Beginners guide.

All the tips and tricks you would need in the Thymesia beginner’s guide have been collected and explained in our guide. We’ll tell you all about which reflexes to use, how to build your fight, and more. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

prepare to die

For you, coming to life in the first level of the game is a blessing in itself. It is almost impossible for you to dodge death in Thymesia. So, prepare to die in Thymesia because following the tutorial is not even an easy task for a beginner.

You can’t rush things in Thymesia; take everything slowly. To advance, win one battle at a time. Although your in-game death is temporary, it would still suck. After you die, even for a while, enemies will come back to life and you will be back to your last place. Therefore, you will have to get up and start the fight again.

Collect memories

After you die, let’s talk about the memories you have. Your memories will act as EXP, so when you kill your enemies, you will receive a lot of it. However, EXP won’t have much value if you don’t use it. Using EXP is very simple; all you have to do is return to a beacon.

Another consequence of dying in Thymesia is that you will lose all of your memory. Yes, that’s right, no more memories of your past. However, that doesn’t mean the world is over. As you return to your last location, all of your memories will be rekindled. However, dying before you can get there will cause your memories to be lost forever.

Beginner's guide to Thymesia

Make sure you don’t cling to your memories and walk back to your place very carefully. Also, be sure to pass these souvenirs in the Thymesia Beginners guide.

play with aggression

Your main goal in Thymesia should be to use your aggression. Attacks from enemies are consistent, fast and continuous. In this case, you need to keep your eyes sharp and also fight back. If you are a coward and afraid to face enemies, Thymesia is not the game for you in Thymesia Beginners guide.

You must let go of your fear, grab your weapon and jump into the fight. At each level of the game you will have to hit continuous attacks. There is no button to block these attacks; however, there are buttons available to attack once, twice, three times, and even four times. You can also escape in two ways.

Additionally, Thymesia’s enemies have a lot of health and can recover their HP whenever no damage is inflicted on them. The best way to stay in the game is to face them and hit them straight. However, make sure to pay attention to the attacks that come your way so you can dodge damage in the Thymesia beginner’s guide.

feather power

To deal with rather deadly attacks, the feathers are very practical. While you’re on the battlefield, it may be easier to remember; however, that would be a mistake. Feathers can be extremely useful and can also be used in many ways in the Thymesia Beginners guide.

Not only can they be used to block attacks, but they can also inflict parasitic attacks on the enemy. As mentioned earlier, enemies can be healed while no damage is inflicted on them, and even a few of them can dash.

However, in this process, if you throw a feather, a little damage will be inflicted on enemies, which will stop their healing. Feathers can also be used to scare enemies, making it easier for you to reach them for the attack. Make sure you don’t forget their uses and take advantage of them.

Complete other hunts

Once you are done with an area of ​​Thymeisa, for example, The Sea Of Trees. You will have the option to return to this area so that you can complete the other quests. The map you explored earlier will be your quest completion area, where new enemies will be available.

Not only that, new difficulties as well as unique placement for your enemies will also be there. In addition, these enemies will have their own objectives. Once you complete one of the quests, you can move on to the next location or another quest sub.

Completing all the submarine quests is very vital for you in Thymesia because your memories are considerable, and the items dropped from these quests can make your life easier in the Thymesia Beginners Guide.

Creation and reformation of potions

The only source by which you can heal in Thymesia is potions. However, there are only three present for you in the game, and they don’t heal your HP much. Also, you don’t have much defense on your side when using these potions.

Potions are very useful and can become much more effective. To upgrade potions, you need to take them to Beacons, where upgrading is locked by Alchemy Amplifiers, which were found by Generals.

You can do several things with your potions, such as increasing your supply, their healing power, as well as the number of ingredients that can be added to a potion. The most interesting thing about potions is the ingredients that are added to them, and they can even help you in your survival. Additionally, the three types of potions in Thymesia are:

Beginner's guide to Thymesia

Each of them comes with their upgrades, crafting options, and unique style of restrictions in the Thymesia Beginners guide.


For you to get more power in Thymesia, you need to start leveling up. You will be able to store your memories in attribute points by doing this. This will increase your stats such as damage power, energy, and even HP. You should use it carefully, however convenient it may seem.

Talent points are also awarded to you as you level up, which are far more important than attribute points. Thymesia talent points will unlock new unique attacks, defenses, and even passive bonuses. It’s also important that you plan your every progress and make decisions carefully based on your character.

Respect Your Character for Thymesia Beginners

Respecting your character in Thymesia is very simple but complicated, it all depends on how you want to respect your character. You will be able to undo all your talents at any time for free. Go to the Talent menu and from there to a beacon. Then tap Reset whenever you want.

On the other hand, resetting his talents in attribute points is very difficult. This feature is locked by Forgotten Pens. They can only be dropped by your bosses and can be used once as well. You will only be able to respect your Attributes if your Sea of ​​Trees is complete; you gave defeated Odur and also the Mater Of Circus.

Start looking for shortcuts and exploring

The levels you have as a beginner in Thymesia are very large but also linear. A path towards the end leads with many sides to the treasure, your memories or even the generals. You won’t be able to get the resources for a long time in case you ignore this opportunity, and it will make you struggle as you will be left behind.

These shortcuts can also take you back to the beacon. They can also throw you into new areas by killing you by fighting at the same level over and over again.

Finally, your exploration will lead you to knowledge that will help you flesh out the world if you wish.


With that, we conclude our guide on some of the best tips and tricks for beginners getting started at Thymesia.


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