Tokyo director has ‘ideas for DLC and sequels’


Ghostwire: Tokyo director Kenji Kimura has hinted at a possible DLC or even a full-fledged sequel – that’s if he gets what he wants. While it’s not entirely up to Kimura to make those decisions, the director is very interested in making them and “will have ideas.”

Evil Within 2 developer Tango Gameworks launched Ghostwire: Tokyo just over a month ago, and there are no specific plans for the game‘s future yet, according to the project director. . However, while talking to IGN Japan, the developer revealed that he would like to return to this mysterious world at some point, whether it’s an expansion of the original or the second installment. Here’s what Kenji Kimura has to say (via GamesRadar):


“I think when things calm down a bit more, and when I’ve calmed down a bit, I’ll have ideas for DLCs and sequels, and I’ll want to do them. Nothing has been decided yet, so I can’t tell you anything more.”

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Before the launch, Ghostwire: Tokyo producer Masato Kimura revealed that after the team has rested a bit, they will definitely want to continue creating and improving the game if the opportunity arises. From the sounds of it, Bethesda has yet to decide whether or not to approve production of the additional content for Ghostwire: Tokyo, based on the base game’s commercial success and community reaction to the title.

There are no official sales figures yet, but the project has established the highest player peak ever for a Tango Gameworks game on Steam, with over 14,000 concurrent users. Not huge numbers, even though we know the title made its debut in fourth place on Steam’s weekly charts at launch while the pre-purchase version debuted in eighth place. However, players seem quite satisfied with the title, in the current state of the game. 80% positive reviews on Steam. Considering all of the above, we could at least count on the project expanding or maybe even a sequel taking place in another city.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is currently available on PS5 and PC with its first major discount until May 12, and won’t launch on Xbox consoles until after March 25, 2023.

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