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Vahn’s Questthe most recent offering from game dev Super Planet, is now officially available on iOS and Android. The game is slow Roleplay Gameplay. It provides players with many options on how to play, game pace, and more. With a vast collection of heroes for players to take into battle, there’s plenty to do. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll look at the basic gameplay and tips for Vahn’s Quest, and help new players get a head start.

Introducing Vahn’s Quest Basics

The story of this game takes place in Trinity Republic. This Republic is a sanctuary for saints and the people here are kind and good. They live their lives in quiet peace. But, this peace was not to last long. One of the ministers of the church, Father Demotoy, opened the gates of Hell so he could get rich and gain fame. The village was thrown into chaos until the Grave Keeper Knights intervened.

They swore to protect their village and embarked on a journey to obtain the legendary Vereth’s Sword, the only weapon capable of defeating Father Demtoy. The gameplay has one main element: Infinite growth. This means that the the main character can never die. This matches the gameplay since it is an idle game. Even when the game is closed, our hero continues his journey to become stronger and face great enemies.


There are a variety of characters in Vahn’s Quest. They are all collectible characters. They are divided into different classes: tanks, Ranged Fightersand Melee Fighters/Brawlers. Tanks, as their name suggests, are characters with higher health than other classes. Ranged fighters stay behind and shoot enemies on sight. Melee fighters are the ones we start with, and they’re a well-rounded group. They deal enough damage to kill enemies, while being quite durable.

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The characters mentioned above, as said before, are collectible. These characters are divided into 3 categories: 3 stars, 4 starsand 5 stars characters. They can be perceived by summons. The summons can in turn be used in the form of Summon Tickets. If we don’t have summon tickets, we can use the games premium currency to summon the characters.


The characters we summon can equip a variety of equipment. Ranging from gloves, jackets, shields, swords, etc. This equipment is useful to strengthen our characters and make sure that they progress without running out of steam too much. Since Vahn’s Quest is an endless RPG, having solid gear plays a very vital role.


Vahn's Quest Gameplay Event Vahn's Quest Beginner's Guide
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In this game, there is no shortage of events. At any time, we can find at least one ongoing event. This is useful for new players, as it also involves a Beginners event. This event rewards new players with crafting materials, equipment, and even some premium currency.

Arts and crafts

Equipment in this game can also be crafted. Although new players may have enough for the first few stages with beginner’s rewards, crafting becomes an essential part of gameplay later on. Along with handicrafts, we can also to disassemble the equipment manufactured. This will give us spare parts that we can use to crate the equipment we need.


Dungeons are the random element of the game. Entering a dungeon requires keys, and the best way to get them is through stages. There are different types of stages that are part of the dungeon:

  • Boss dungeon
  • treasure dungeon
  • Dungeon of Relics
  • Daily Dungeon

Understand the resources and accessories of the game

Vahn’s Quest currency and resources are as follows:

Vahn's Quest Resources Vahn's Quest Beginner's Guide
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  • Gold: Gold is the primary currency in Vahn’s Quest. It is used to buy wood and to improve our characters. We can collect gold through the “gold cart” at the bottom right of the screen. As our idle game progresses, we continue to collect gold, and it is stored in the Gold Wagon.
  • Gems: Gems are the premium currency in the game. The main purpose of gems is to help summon rarer heroes, and we can also buy rarer summons in the store with gems.
  • Keys: Keys are mainly obtained by clearing Boss stages. These keys are useful for entering dungeons.
  • Knight’s Coins: Knight’s coins are used for the benefit of the group of our fighters.
  • Wood: Wood/Lumber is used to upgrade our Gold Wagon. It is the only resource that can upgrade the wagon and increase its gold storage capacity.

Vahn’s Quest Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Vahn’s Quest Beginner’s Guide to help you newbies get started on your journey.

Vahn's Quest Available Vahn's Quest Beginner's Guide
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  • Once the game is launched, log in regularly to fill your gold number.
  • The Gold Wagon should be updated regularly, and the wood required for it continues to increase as its levels increase in number.
  • Never leave your party completely unattended.
  • While your party members cannot die, they should be equipped with new gear regularly to ensure they defeat as many monsters as possible.
  • When you enter dungeons, make sure you are fully prepared so that any threats there are easy to take down.
  • As this is an idle RPG, you don’t have to worry about endgame content as a beginner. Go ahead and play as you see fit!

So go ahead and try it! If you’re having trouble, feel free to refer to this Vahn’s Quest Beginner’s Guide for advice.

That’s it from us for the Vahn’s Quest Beginner’s Guide! Did you find our Vahn’s Quest Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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