WHAT HAPPENS NEXT WILL SCARE YOU (2021) Anthology Horror Movie Reviews


‘Your next click could be your last…’

What will happen next scare you is a 2021 American horror anthology film centered on a group of internet clickbait writers.

Directed by Chris LaMartina from a screenplay co-written by Jimmy George, the film stars Melissa LaMartina, Rachel D. Wilson, Kalima Young and Kathy Carson.

Staying late in their office, a motley crew of internet clickbait writers watch the thirteen scariest viral videos in preparation for a Halloween list.

However, when a first entry curses the beholder with the cryptic link, devious hipsters must separate fact from fiction before a tidal wave of terrifying supernatural activity leads to real murders…


“The selection of videos really helps to get to know the characters who selected them and the acting adapted to these performances. I would say the effects, overall, were good as well as the sound design. If I had any issues, I don’t know if everything went well, so it looks a bit uneven and some of the CGI doesn’t work either. Other than that, I still thought it was an above average movie overall. all the horror

“They deftly mix some rather silly moments with horrific 911 calls. The vlog segments seemed too basic until the absolutely gruesome plight of what happened to the teenage vlogger. Throw in a cursed disc and this movie’s urban legend and creepypasta bent will win you over. B&S on movies

“For fans of LaMartina’s work in WNUF Halloween Special there’s a lot to love about What happens next will scare you, and it is difficult not to compare the two works. The movie really shines when it uses the same lo-fi VHS style as in the first and it even features some of the same talent reprising their roles or putting on similar, endearing performances. That said, all of the other works in the film are different enough to stand on their own…” Movie credit

“…it’s an incredibly creative blend of horror and comedy. Like with WNUF, the “story” is less important than the structure, and the early details gain in meaning as the film progresses. Transitions are often ingenious, and the more attention you pay to them, the greater your rewards. This refers not only to the detection of direct links with the WNUF world – performers and characters – but the grains of disposable background gags…” fast attack

“It would be easy to criticize the varied quality of the special effects on display here, and just as easy to criticize the sillier moments (the lake monster is bad enough, and a moment with a VHS tape is part awful and part fun ), but What happens next will scare you simply aims to entertain for a little while, and it mostly succeeds. Unlike a number of other modern horror anthologies, this one has nice, strong connective tissue throughout…” ‘Cause it’s the man’s number

“Stylistically, the images beautifully recreate outdated technology and seem pulled out of their time. These elements make it forgiving for any below-average action in this footage, though the same can’t be said for those watching the videos. They’re meant to embody the typical portrayal of sneaky hipsters, though some actors seem ill-suited to their roles and look more like Steve Buscemi’s undercover student disguise. 30 Rock.” 2.5/5 The Rodders Examiners

“Some performances feel flat at times, but that’s more of a consequence of not spending as much time with the characters themselves, which means the performers have less time to make their mark, instead of having to react. to videos in fairly quick succession. […] Overall, it’s a film that manages to resonate with the culture it seeks to portray, despite limited means (and sometimes those limitations are a bit too visible) and has a lot of fun and jolts in it. road course. 3/5 Without scared sheep

“The uniqueness of the victims ends up being more of a priority than who might survive the night. Given that the movie is only 72 minutes long, a little more characterization time in the connecting story would have made the whole thing stronger. Fans of past Chris LaMartina movies, micro-budget indie horror, and online terminal will likely have an uncomplicated good time with What happens next will scare you, despite its rougher edges. 5.5/10 Wicked horror

Cast and characters:
Melissa LaMartina … Rachel Silver
Rachel D. Wilson … Myra
Kalima Young … June
Kathy Carson … Vanessa
Troy Jennings … Lester
Johnny Marra … Eugene Wiley
Paul Fahrenkopf … Rooster
Mike C. Walls … Mr. Tickles
John Bennett … Chuck
Evangeline Ridgaway … Pink Silver
Caitlin Rife … Zombie Clickbait
Cash K. Allen… Son of the Viral Video
Wes Allen… viral video dad
Greg Bowen … Sasquatch
Erin Reid … Monster Vera


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