When will we have another Street Fighter movie?


There is a long and often inglorious history of films based on video games, although these films have tended to receive a hostile reception from critics. Nonetheless, some video game films have established themselves as favorites among franchise fans despite the fact that moviegoers have been unpopular.

This is certainly the case with the 1994 Street fight movie, which was unanimously criticized by critics, although the leading role Raúl Juliá was honored for an unforgettable performance and nominated for a Saturn Award.

The film has been emphatically condemned for its overly country nature (Kylie Minogue starts off as one of the protagonists, which makes it difficult for us to dispute that accusation), but that’s precisely what made it a cult hit among fans. from the Street Fighter franchise. . Today, 27 years after the release of this iconic piece in Street Fighter history, we look forward to the next installment. So what are the prospects for another Street Fighter movie in the near future?

Streetfighter: a growing multimedia empire

First, let’s take a look at where the franchise stands today. A promising sign for those hoping for a new Street Fighter movie is the growing scale and success of Street Fighter’s extended multimedia empire, beyond the original game series. While we haven’t had a movie in a long time, we’ve had a range of additional blockbuster content.

A notable example is the successful Street Fighter II online slot machine game, available to play online for free at the Sites. like NetEnt. This 5-reel slot is essentially a tribute to the original SFII game, the difference being that players can win real money when they play. The success of this slot machine suggests that there are many possibilities for the franchise to continue to grow.

Street Fighter Movies: A Rocky Road

Of course, there have been a few movie releases since the original 1994 film, although none have come close in terms of scale and budget. The closest attempt to Street Fighter live-action content came in 2014 with the release of the British web series Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist. To the surprise of many, Assassin’s Fist garnered strong, positive reviews from critics, with many noting that it was the most faithful adaptation of the game series to date and praising the acting. The series can be watched for free in its entirety on YouTube.

Another smaller-scale attempt came in 2016 with the release of the tiny four-part YouTube series Street Fighter: Resurrection, which was little more than an extended trailer for Street Fighter V. PS4 game release later this year. Since then, fans have been left behind to say the least.

Could the new Mortal Kombat movie be a sign of things to come?

Another sign that made some Street Fighter fans express hope for a new movie was the release in the summer of 2021 of an all-new blockbuster Mortal Kombat. The big-budget film was a box office success, despite poor reviews from critics. The strong performance of this one suggests that there might be an appetite for similar films in the future, which is why there has been speculation that it might prompt Hollywood to take another look at Street Fighter for the source material. Only time will tell.

So, are you hoping for another Street Fighter movie, or do you think the 1994 movie was more than enough?


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