Why does every movie poster design look like this?


If you’ve ever been to Creative Bloq, you probably know that we love a good poster. We’ve covered so many different designs, but a lot of superhero posters have looked somewhat similar lately – and one user on Twitter noticed this too.

A user has shared a hilarious poster design template that looks a lot like many superhero and action movie posters we’ve seen lately. Although the fictional design lacks detail, it inspired other Twitter users to respond with their favorite movie poster designs that strayed from this template – and we love scrolling. If you’re feeling inspired by all this poster talk, why not try making your own? You can create your own on one of the best poster makers online.

The basic design of the poster

We’ve all seen posters that look like this, right? (Image credit: @butterbarrr via Twitter)

The design was shared by @butterbarrr on Twitter (opens in a new tab) with the caption, “Movie posters these days look like”. Using a combination of Comic Sans and Paint style artwork, the template is a hilarious take on today’s poster designs.

We suspect the fun design is somewhat based on Drew Struzan’s posters. The artist has designed posters for Star Wars, Harry Potter and Indiana Jones, and his art has become iconic in the film industry and now many posters follow Struzan’s format (which looks a lot like @butterbarrr’s hilarious design). And while Struzan’s brilliant hand-painted designs have achieved legendary status, today’s posters look like a worse CGI version (see above) of the famous designs.

The post has garnered a lot of attention online and has already garnered over 430,000 likes and 47,600 retweets on Twitter. While the original tweet was meant to poke fun at today’s movie poster designs, many users responded with their favorite posters that break from that format. We spent the morning browsing people’s favorite designs and enjoying dozens of brilliant posters.

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If all of this poster talk has inspired you and you want to try creating some interesting designs, be sure to download Photoshop and give it a try. Or if you’re still looking for inspiration, you’ll love our roundup of the best print ads of all time.

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